Come and see us in Barcelona next week to discuss how we can improve your global connectivity
23 February 2024

Come and see us in Barcelona next week to discuss how we can improve your global connectivity

23 February 2024

Our bags are packed and Telecom26’s global connectivity team will soon be leaving for the annual telecoms extravaganza that is Mobile World Congress.

If you are also Barcelona-bound, or indeed travelling elsewhere, then please take a look at how Telecom26’s Enterprise Data Extra service provides dependable, secure mobile data connectivity while you are away.  You can use our service alongside an existing mobile subscription, switching to it when you visit China, Kazakhstan, Kenya – or Spain – and then switching back when you return to your domestic network.

As an Operator Member of the GSMA, Telecom26 will have a host of exciting announcements and new products and services at MWC that we will be showcasing on our stand (C30 in Hall 5).

And we’ll also be attending various conference programmes including:

New Products and Services - LPAd

Please have a read of our earlier blog about LPAd – what it is, why it’s important and meeting up at MWC to discuss.

Telecom26 recognised the onoing eSIM/router issue early on and has expanded its existing eSIM management solution – that includes LPAd capability - to include routers that use our partner Trasna’s eUICC SIMs.

The Telecom26 LPAd Solution offers router manufacturers a competitive edge in a market where ease of use and customer satisfaction are of utmost importance. It could also be important in the context of the rapidly growing market for

IoT devices, as well as the increasing demand for eSIMs in the IoT and connected devices space.

If you’re a little confused about whether your routers need LPAd, then please get in touch.

New Products and Services – Telecom26’s new integrated GPS tracking analytics platform

We recently launched our GPS tracking service which will make life much easier for businesses who need to track their vehicles, products, and people as they move around the world – and the IT and comms teams that support them.

Telecom26’s GPS tracking service differs from other offerings in that it integrates GPS tracking and connectivity management.  Why is this important you may ask?

Please click here to read our previous blog which explains how, whether you are tracking a car, container or chihuahua, Telecom26’s approach provides near-real time global visibility of remote assets; in some cases, using cell location where GPS isn’t available.

Our global connectivity pedigree

We’re an independent, global mobile operator with our own network core and operational assets leveraging relationships with more than 1100 network connections and 650+ mobile operators to secure unrivalled global coverage.

We offer a full range of telecom services and connectivity options including 5G (where available), 2G, 3G and 4G, private networks as well offshore connectivity capabilities.

We specialise in providing connectivity for business travellers, enterprises, IoT and M2M.

Our customers include enterprises, OEMS and NGOs who want a single delivery partner, cross-border solutions and network coverage that is secure, resilient and can be tailored to meet specific and evolving needs.

Only last week we announced Italy’s National Institute of Geophysics and Volcanology as a new global connectivity customer joining us after an unsatisfactory experience with the four Italian operators.

Get in touch to find out more

Our team of global connectivity experts will be out in force at this year’s Mobile World Congress, so if you’d like to meet up to discuss LPAd – and/or IoT, global and maritime connectivity  - then please get in touch.

But, if you’re not going to MWC, or would like to have a video call before then please also get in touch.

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