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Telecom26’s data-only nearshore service is ideal for enabling access to land-based cellular networks for fast, high-bandwidth data use. Nearshore connectivity via cellular networks is an effective, affordable option for coastal waters and voyages, so why not benefit from cellular in the nearshore zone with Telecom26?

Our multi-IMSI SIMs and network of more than 600 partners ensure coverage – and, with rates from €2/GB, our service is cost-effective and affordable - optimised for ships and offshore infrastructure.

Offload data to Telecom26

Up to 30km from shore

Most ships and vessels spend the majority of their time in port or in coastal waters – within range of land-based cellular networks.

So, instead of relying on costly satellite for data or connectivity, you can easily benefit from the connectivity options they provide.

With no SIM changes and flexible pay as you go or monthly data plans, all you need is Telecom26.

  • Offload data cost-effectively
  • 1 SIM for global coverage, no SIM change needed
  • Support all on-board applications
  • Full speed and no throttling for any usage
  • Customisable coverage
  • VPN and security on demand

Fast, cost-effective data backhaul

Our network provides global coverage, allowing efficient offload of data via public networks in coastal regions and ports.

Leverage coastal connectivity

Up to 60% of a ship’s voyage is within range of terrestrial networks - move from network to network for the best coverage.

Integrated on-board communications

Integrated on-board solutions, optimised connectivity and performance with SD-WAN for digital vessels.

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