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Flexible data packages and moreSeamless connectivity for your business

Telecom26 provides a complete mobile data package for global enterprises, giving your business a cost-effective and predictable approach to global roaming. We give you worldwide mobile data access, so business users and travellers can easily access data on their mobile – or tether for laptop applications while roaming.

Our offer enhances data access and, because it takes advantage of eSIMs can be used alongside any existing contract with your service provider.

Avoid costly data roaming charges

Control costs and secure optimised data access

If your company or organisation needs mobile data access in areas outside your home zones, you may not be getting the best deal from your mobile service provider.

We help global enterprises with data roaming from any country, leveraging our unrivalled network and coverage options.

The Telecom26 Enterprise bundle provides global data connectivity, alongside your existing subscription – connecting your teams while roaming.

  • Single invoice and management portal for all users and devices
  • eSIM for flexible device connectivity
  • Pooled data options for your teams
  • Near real-time usage monitoring
  • Ability to set alerts and related actions via our portal
  • Comprehensive, direct support services

Telecom26 also provides a range of add-on options, to enable you to tailor and optimise services to meet specific requirements and needs.

Options for enhanced security

Data encryption, static IP addresses and service vulnerability protection are among a range of options to protect your data.

Private APN

A uniquely assigned private APN directs traffic to our secure dedicated mobile core network - independent of the local mobile network operator.

Physical SIM and Mi-Fi

Classical SIMs can also be provided, as well as routers for enhanced local device connectivity and management.

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