Telecom26’s new integrated GPS tracking analytics platform; built to provide a comprehensive, secured tracking solution
6 December 2023

Telecom26’s new integrated GPS tracking analytics platform; built to provide a comprehensive, secured tracking solution

6 December 2023

Following demand from a variety of organisations using our global connectivity services, Telecom26’s R&D team has developed a GPS tracking service which will make life much easier for businesses who need to track their vehicles, products, and people as they move around the world – and the IT and comms teams that support them.

Telecom26’s GPS tracking service differs from other offerings in that it integrates GPS tracking and connectivity management.  Why is this important you may ask?

Well, most tracking devices are configured and monitored using a dedicated platform. These systems analyse the data received over cellular networks, via the Internet, from  devices in the field and can provide alerts and insights into the movements of assets.

This means that there are two separate systems in play:

  • The GPS tracking application itself which logistics and fleet managers use to follow and manage GPS-enabled devices                     
  • The SIM management portal for SMS and data usage monitoring

This makes life way more complicated than it needs to be. Separating GPS tracking applications and SIM management portals creates friction and inefficiencies with reports generated from one system to define manual actions in the other. Often these actions are time-critical and the resultant delay can result in lost assets or spoiled goods.

For example, if the tracking application identifies a list of devices that require reconfiguration, an operator must identify the relevant corrective action, and send the specific commands via SMS from the connectivity portal to the relevant devices.

Another user case is when the devices shouldn’t leave a certain area or route, in which case the tracking application raises a geofencing alert for the operator. Again they would need to identify, and find, the related subscription in the SIM management portal to send the SMS action to the device, e.g. to disable the engine.

Telecom26’s integrated GPS tracking service

Telecom26’s team took a more unified approach when developing our GPS tracking service.  Our solution combines both GPS tracking and cellular connectivity using integrated device tracking and SIM portals. 

Whether you are tracking a car, container or chihuahua, Telecom26’s approach provides:

  • Near-realtime global visibility of remote asset; in some cases, using cell location where GPS isn’t available
  • Full control of devices via the Telecom26 application or portal
  • The ability to automate tracker actions via SMS based on GPS alerts
  • Comprehensive reporting and insights
  • Access to Telecom26’s global roaming connectivity and competitive pricing
  • Enhanced security and fraud prevention as data stays within Telecom26’s network rather than over the public internet
  • Reliable service, consistently priced with a single, consolidated bill thus reducing admin and providing outstanding control and performance.

And much, much more which we will discuss in future blogs.

Come and try Telecoms26’s new GPS tracking service

For a limited time only, we are offering a trial of our GPS tracking service so you can experience the difference for yourselves.

You’ll be in good company. Telecom26’s customers include leading manufacturing companies, ship and fleet owners, investment banks, healthcare providers and many others who all want a single delivery partner, cross-border solutions and network coverage that is secure, resilient - and can be tailored to meet specific and evolving needs.

Interested? Please click here to register for our early-access trial programme and discover how integrated GPS and SIM connectivity makes life much easier for your logistics and IT teams.

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