Getting ready for MWC? You’ll need a Telecom26 eSIM to access our global mobile data service for business travellers
26 January 2024

Getting ready for MWC? You’ll need a Telecom26 eSIM to access our global mobile data service for business travellers

26 January 2024

MWC is fast approaching and the global connectivity and marketing teams at Telecom26 are busy setting up meetings with our customers and suppliers – and getting ready to announce our latest product and service expansions. More about these coming shortly.

If you’d like to meet at the show to discuss how we can help improve the global and maritime connectivity of your team, their devices - and any IoT devices that your business makes or uses - please get in touch.

Meanwhile the world’s largest telecoms show ironically results in higher phone bills for many attendees who continue using their domestic operator when they’re travelling abroad. Of course, they need to check their emails, access their company’s portal and browse the internet whilst they’re away for work.

Using your local carrier may make sense if you’re only travelling to a neighbouring country. But if you are going further afield, chances are, your home operator won’t have the best rates. Never forget that roaming is a cash cow for traditional operators.

So, if you are in Australia, Hong Kong, the US or Europe etc and travelling to Barcelona for MWC, your company may be paying much more than it should to keep you connected.  Plus who needs the worry of whether a domestic carrier will have a roaming agreement in place in every country to provide network coverage and speedy down and uploads whilst abroad.

Likewise buying a local prepaid SIM card seems like a good idea if you can face the queues at the airport. But really this is only convenient for when you’re visiting one country. Users need to be alert when visiting areas that are close to country borders as it’s easy for phones to jump to other networks not aligned with the prepaid operator’s packages.  

Other drawbacks are that most large local carriers charge more, cover less, and don’t remember your name when you call. Worse, Travel and Tourist SIM card offerings rarely give you portal access for enterprise-wide control and transparency into your organisation’s usage, billing, and services.

Perhaps you, your manager and CFO see high phone bills as a cost of doing business. But it’s certainly an unnecessary expense! 

Enter Telecom26’s Enterprise Data Extra service, a flexible alternative that you can use alongside an existing mobile subscription, switching to it when you visit China, Kazakhstan, Kenya – or Spain. In fact, any country not well-served by your current provider. It reduces travel costs while providing dependable, secure mobile data connectivity, keeping your team connected and protecting your bottom line.

Telecom26’s Enterprise Data Extra service has been specifically designed to meet the needs of business travellers with their employers able to customise corporate packages for the specific countries where they do business – and where their people need to visit.

The service provides mobile data access in more than 200 countries, so business users can easily access data on their mobile – or tether for laptop applications.

Enterprise Data Extra is available as an eSIM so users can keep their domestic physical SIM card - and re-activate it when they return home.

Better still, Enterprise Data Extra is backed by boutique customer support solutions to give business travellers the personalised care they need – and deserve.

Businesses of all sizes across the world are now using Enterprise Data Extra.  You can read our case study Large Bank Chooses Telecom26’s eSIMs and Global Mobile Connectivity Service here.  Hundreds of the bank’s employees travel regularly to meet clients and visit the bank’s offices spread across 90 countries. They now use Telecom26’s network.  Why?

Put simply, because life with Telecom26 is more convenient, more cost-effective and more reliable than the alternatives of using your domestic carrier when abroad which are: continuing to use their domestic SIM and/or picking up a local prepaid SIM when arriving in a new country.

Telecom26 and global connectivity

Please click here to learn more about how Enterprise Extra and Talk, Travel & Text can reduce your mobile bills – and provide a better service for when you,your colleagues and your IoT devices when abroad.

Telecom26 offers a full range of telecom services and connectivity options including 5G (where available), LTE-M, Wi-Fi, private networks, 2G, 3G and 4G, as well offshore connectivity capabilities.

Our customers include businesses of all sizes across the world, OEMs and NGOs who want a single delivery partner, cross-border solutions and network coverage that is secure, resilient and can be tailored to meet specific and evolving needs.

If you’d like to organise a video call to discuss how we can help improve the global connectivity of your team when they are out and about including maritime connectivity please get in touch.

And, of course, please get in touch if you’d like to meet at MWC.

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