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What is telecom26?

Telecom26 is a global mobile service provider, with an advanced core network and offering a wide range of flexible connectivity solutions. We are flexible, and cover all mobile interfaces, ensuring reliable and secure coverage and a future-proof path that tracks network evolution.

Is Telecom26 an MNO?

Yes and no. Telecom26 is not a land-based mobile network operator, but is a full maritime MNO with ‘at sea’ services. That’s because we don’t own a land-based mobile radio network and do not act as what’s known as a ‘PLMN’ – a public land mobile network. At sea, there’s no mobile network, so a different definition applies. As a maritime MNO, we are a full member of the GSMA.

Is Telecom26 an MvNO?

Sort of. Telecom26 offers services in more than 200 countries around the world. We do so via one of the largest portfolios of roaming and partner agreements. Because we don’t own the radio network, we’re like an MVNO – but we have our own core, so have complete control over every session and packet. Unlike an MVNO, however, we offer service in multiple countries.

Are you a service provider?

Yes! In fact, we’re one of the few truly global mobile service providers. We offer network-independent connectivity, secured through our own cloud-based distributed core. 

What is a service provider?

Good question! In the mobile business, a service provider is the company from which you buy connectivity. That means, the ability to connect to a network. We’re a service provider, but one with global connectivity options. Most MNOs – mobile network operators – only offer connectivity in their own network (so you can’t connect to other networks in the same country. That’s bad if, like many, they have patchy coverage) or in other networks when you roam abroad. We provide connectivity to almost every network – so you get multiple options in one country, as well as multiple options in others.

Do you have any networks?

We have our own core network, which ensures we control every session, as well as all of our services. We do deploy private networks, which are protected. Users from other mobile networks can roam into these, according to the policies we agree with our customers.

What does the mobile core mean?

We own, operate and build out our own systems to control the devices that connect to our network, just like an MNO. That’s our mobile core – it’s everything you need to offer mobile service, compliant to the latest international standards. It has the performance you would expect from a Tier 1 provider. Our customers connect to the best wireless interfaces available locally and we take care of the rest, ensuring global service delivery and performance to suit your needs. 

Do you offer services on land and at sea?

Yes! We can connect your service and devices, anywhere.

Can I roam onto your networks?

No, simply because we don’t run a radio access network. Our customers roam onto other networks, but with our cost-effective pricing.

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