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The eSIM transition is well underway, with more and more devices supporting eSIM profiles, while manufacturers have already signalled the likely end of the SIM tray. Deploying eSIM can be costly, time consuming and occupy resources that may be better deployed in other areas of your business.

What you need is a simple way to enter the eSIM market and provide a ready-made solution to your customers. Telecom26 has a complete solution to enable you to launch eSIM propositions.

A complete eSIM platform

Deliver esim to your customers

Telecom26 offers a GSMA-compliant eSIM solution that allows you to deliver profiles to IoT and personal mobile devices.

We support SM-DP, SM-SR, bootstrap and operational profiles, backed by a comprehensive SIM management portal – allowing you to use your profile or deploy our multi-IMSI eSIM profiles.

Your solution is backed by our experienced team, allowing you to quickly launch eSIM services – and to enhance and extend your offer through time.

  • Complete support for SM-DP, SM-SR
  • Bootstrap and operational profiles
  • Digitise SIM purchase and activation
  • Eliminate logistics challenges
  • Remotely provision IoT and mobile devices
  • Multiple subscriptions per device

Customise your eSIM offer

Our team will help you implement an eSIM solution that’s right for your business, so you can deliver what your customers need.

Support your own profiles

Our SM-SR can be integrated with your own SM-DP solution – use ours until you’re ready, don’t lose ground to your competitors.

Benefit from worldwide roaming

All Telecom26 eSIM profiles operate globally on our network of over 1100 connectivity partners, giving you the best coverage.

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