Private mobile networksPrivate networks for secure, strategic deployment

Private mobile networksSecure communications in any environment

We plan, enable, and manage secure private and semi-private mobile networks for any requirement, anywhere you need them. Self-contained, and with secure access to our global network, they are ideal for permanent, temporary or portable deployment.

Our private mobile networks are optimised for performance, ensuring they can deliver the assurance you need for a wide range of applications. From business critical to mission critical and beyond, we deliver.

Private mobile networks

for strategic and temporary deployment

Security is at the heart of our solutions. With a range of options, we can enable encrypted end-to-end communications, with minimal points of vulnerability across services, network and devices. Our private mobile networks can be fully private, semi-private or to support public access with full control, as required. Inbound and outbound roaming can easily be managed.

Portable private mobile networks

Protected communication bubbles for portable deployments

We deliver completely secure, fully portable private mobile networks, creating a secure communications bubble. They can be deployed in fixed locations, on trains and ships, or even on personal transportation, such as protected motorcades.

They offer true cellular mobility, providing an envelope for secure, internal communications with full breakout to external networks, via handover to macro-cellular connections, Wi-Fi or satellite links.

Isolated and protected

  • Secure, private APN
  • Breakout via our mobile core
  • Protected traffic
  • Data encryption & anonymization

Campus-based private mobile networks

Secure, localised connectivity for enterprise

At Telecom26, we can provide connectivity for completely custom campus networks, using licensed or non-licensed spectrum and offering homogenous, secure coverage.

Our solutions are flexible, covering not just demanding IoT capabilities, but traditional voice and messaging, providing a comprehensive multi-service network that meets the needs of your employees, systems, devices and processes.

Multi-service, multi-domain

  • LTE, 3G, CBRS
  • Data, voice, messaging
  • Business critical to mission critical
  • Low latency and high resilience

Remote private mobile networks

Robust networks for remote populations

Telecom26 deploys robust private cellular networks for disaster relief and humanitarian purposes, as well as for connecting remote populations, campuses and VIPs.

We provide completely off-grid solutions that enable secure local communication and device control / management, together with breakout to via satellite. They are completely self-contained and can be rapidly deployed to cope with emergency situations.

Multi-service, multi-domain

  • Self-powered wireless comms platforms
  • Multiple breakout, backhaul tech support
  • Complete control of SIMs and devices
  • Advanced policies for secure access
Security for private mobile networks

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Security for private mobile networks

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