Global connectivity for IoT and M2M applicationsConnect your devices and services with our network

Connectivity optimised for your needsBenefit from our core and global reach

Telecom26 provides a dedicated network to support IoT and M2M devices and applications – with truly global reach. With our network, you can benefit from out-of-the-box connectivity for your applications, wherever you need it.

Simplify remote device management and activation, with enhanced connectivity options and both SIM and eSIM solutions.

Ensure optimised service performance

Competitive prices and bundles

Our connectivity packages and bundles can be enhanced with additional capabilities and features to deliver a tailored experience.

That means you can choose the right options for your services and devices, optimising service performance to match your requirements.

The management portal gives you complete control, so you can easily maintain your device fleet and track consumption and status.

  • Choose the right bundle for your needs
  • Complete remote management
  • API integration
  • Private APN and tunnelling options
  • Secure data connectivity
  • Global network coverage

Our global roaming connections and coverage give you connectivity, wherever you need it, enabling worldwide deployment for your services.

Simplified accounting

Control costs with a single bill and easy account management, reducing costs and simplifying logistics for your business.

Track and manage consumption

See consumption at-a-glance in our portal, so you can understand device performance and obtain insights to optimise your applications.

Support to help you deliver

Our support team will help you with any troubleshooting, and to ensure you meet SLAs, KPIs and obtain the reliability you need.

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