Introducing Telecom26’s team: Flavia Felix in our finance team
4 August 2023

Introducing Telecom26’s team: Flavia Felix in our finance team

4 August 2023

As part of our occasional blogs on the people who are building Telecom26, we have previously written about Cristian Apostol, one of our mobile core network engineers, Pietro Cotino, Telecom26’s International Roaming Manager,  Tanja Bütler, our officer manager and Ines Tropa, our marketing manager.

Today’s blog is about Flavia Felix, who works in our finance team.

Based at our HQ in Zug, Switzerland, Flavia joined us in 2018 and oversees financial operations and activities within Telecom26.  Prior to joining Telecom26, Flavia worked for about 15 years at Partners Group, a large investment company dedicated to private markets where she completed her commercial apprenticeship and rose through the ranks within the finance department.

Flavia has a wide range of responsibilities at Telecom26 including financial reporting, analysis, internal controls, and audit-related and HR-related tasks.  She prepares monthly financial closing packages including financial analysis; every month she encounters different challenges and issues, which Flavia says makes her role very interesting.

By analysing the company’s financial data, Flavia identifies ways in which Telecom26 can improve. For example, we have streamlined and improved our accounting procedures which has enhanced accuracy, ensured compliance, reduced errors and improved overall financial reporting.

Flavia and the rest of Telecom26’s finance team are currently working on implementing an improved expense reporting tool, which will improve the employee experience and streamline the process for the accounting team. 

Telecom26 is expanding rapidly as demand across our portfolio of global connectivity increases. Flavia has regular interaction with our customers, vendors, partners - and her colleagues - on various financial matters and particularly enjoys the interaction with our customers.  She says that customers appreciate the excellent and timely service they receive from across the Telecom26 team.

In terms of her current role, with the arrival of AI, Flavia expects that her career path will change as finance roles evolve as technology advances. However, she believes that financial professionals will always be needed; for example to ensure compliance with financial regulations. Additionally, automation has the potential to streamline routine tasks, and this can free up time to focus on more value-added activities.

Flavia says that she appreciates the positive work environment at T26 with the entire team being highly supportive and collaborative with each other. Everyone is empowered to take ownership of their work; this creates a sense of trust and makes her feel valued as team member.

And, if she had to work in a different industry, Flavia says that she’d love to own a restaurant as she loves eating good food in places with a nice ambience!

In her spare time, Flava likes to travel, spend time with her family and friends, cook - and eat delicious food.

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