Introducing Telecom26’s team: Cristian Apostol – Mobile Core Network Engineer
30 August 2022

Introducing Telecom26’s team: Cristian Apostol – Mobile Core Network Engineer

30 August 2022

As part of our occasional blogs on the people who are building Telecom26, in July we found out more about the work of Telecom26’s International Roaming Manager, Pietro Cotino. In this blog we introduce Cristian Apostol.

Based in Zug, in Switzerland, Cristian is a vital member of the team of telecom engineers that has helped to build the core of our global mobile network.

Cristian joined Telecom26 three years ago from Huawei where he had full ownership of the end-to-end process which built the company’s first 5G global project automation – and also worked on various LTE, WiMAX, GSM and UMTS network deployment projects across Europe.

He has also worked on projects at Portugal Telecom, Deutsche Telekom in Germany, MTN in Cyprus, Eir Ireland and VIVACOM in Bulgaria.

Cristian is a very busy man working across different parts of Telecom26’s operations. As well as maintaining and testing our network daily, he provides support to both our customers and partners.

He’s also part of the team building and expanding our current product and service portfolio including maritime connectivity.

He’s currently working on expanding our 5G inbound and outbound service which we added to our Global Roaming Service earlier this year. You can read more about this here.

5G will be available to all our customers with the same pricing as our other services. However, we will be staying true to our mission of providing the best, and most suitable, connectivity for our customers, 5G or otherwise.
Cristian is also expanding our NB-IoT and LTE-M roaming networks. More announcements about these will follow shortly.

He says that high speed data is a driver for some customers whilst reaching remote places across the world for deployments such as digital healthcare in Africa is key for others.

He’s also working on our New Core Network Elements Rollout, leading the Steering of Roaming project.

Cristian says that he loves working at Telecom26 because the people here are forming a world class team. We improve, collaborate, solve issues as a team and learn every day from each other. Everyone has a unique skillset and perspective which makes work interesting.

In the future, Cristian predicts that his role will be partly automated but that humans will still be needed to train and correct the system. The upside to automation is that this removes onerous repetitive tasks so that engineers like him can focus on creating and problem-solving.

In his spare time, Cristian loves to travel, drink good coffee and play video games! And in another life he’d be an air force engineer like his father.

About Telecom26

We’re an independent, global mobile operator with our own network core and operational assets leveraging relationships with more than 1100 network connections and 650 mobile operators across over 200 countries to secure unrivalled global coverage.

We offer a full range of telecom services and connectivity options including 5G (where available), LTE-M, WiFi, private networks, 2G, 3G and 4G, as well as satellite and offshore connectivity capabilities.

Our customers include enterprises, OEMS and NGOs who want a single delivery partner, cross-border solutions and network coverage that is secure, resilient and can be tailored to meet specific and evolving needs.

If you’d like to find out how Telecom26 can improve connectivity for your employees and devices please contact us.

Catching-Up In-Person

Later in the year Telecom26 will be attending these major international trade fairs:

6-9 September
Hamburg, Germany 

Mets Trade
15- 17 November

14–17 November 2022
Düsseldorf, Germany

If you, or one of your team, will be at any of these shows and would like to discuss our IoT and global connectivity services in-person then please get in touch so we can arrange a time to meet.

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