IoT Connectivity for Energy & UtilitiesIoT connectivity for smart energy, renewables, power

Smart connectivity for smart energyGlobal IoT for smart energy and utilities

Telecom26 is the perfect partner for your smart energy and utilities infrastructure. With our global IoT network, you can be sure of the best available connection for your transformation projects.

With Telecom26, even the remotest assets are covered, our multi-partner global network means you don’t have to worry about dead spots and data loss.

IoT Connectivity for Energy and Utilities

Helping innovators to transform the energy and utilities industry

Telecom26 provides a global platform for companies in the energy and utilities industries to implement next generation, smart solutions.

Our IoT network enables the innovation you need to reduce carbon footprint, improve distribution, and deliver more intelligent renewable energy.

With Telecom26, you can track assets, gather data in real-time and reduce operational costs, safe in the knowledge that your data is travelling on a secure, global IoT network.

Smart IoT for smarter energy

  • Manage and monitor remote energy assets
  • Optimise distribution to reduce costs
  • Keep employees safe and connected
  • Build a smarter energy network
  • Reduce carbon footprint

Solar, wind and renewable monitoring

Monitor remote locations reliably with the world’s leading IoT network

  • Solar power plant monitoring
  • Offshore and remote locations
  • Meters, batteries and chargers
  • Alarm-based reporting of deviations

Distributed grid management

End-to-end connectivity for distributed smart grid technology

  • Environmental safeguards/ checks
  • Alarms and remote monitoring
  • Sensor management
  • End-to-end security

Pipelines, mining and employee welfare

Safely monitory remote assets and help to ensure employee safety

  • Pipeline & flow monitoring
  • Employee safety and alerts
  • Collect real-time data
  • End-to-end security
IoT connectivity for Energy & Utilities

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IoT connectivity for Energy & Utilities

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