2022: Our International Mobile Service incorporating global, IoT and maritime connectivity through global SIMs goes from strength to strength
21 December 2022

2022: Our International Mobile Service incorporating global, IoT and maritime connectivity through global SIMs goes from strength to strength

21 December 2022

As 2022 draws to a close, our team of global and IoT connectivity experts have been assessing Telecom26’s progress during the year.  Telecom26 enables global connectivity and data connectivity, anywhere - so that your device can connect to the best available network, regardless of location.

We are delighted to have grown across all metrics including customers, network usage and expansion of our network, new products and services provided. Highlights include:

Our network

In 2022 we provided coverage across 600 mobile networks (455 were used) in 186 countries with 140 live roaming partners in 120 countries.

We offer connectivity across 110 5G networks and will continue to expand our 5G offering as more networks go live.

We have segmented our customer offering into three specific markets:


Around 300 vessels are now using our Global SIMs for NearToShore service

We developed a range of new services for maritime customers including a cellular network at sea solution using our global physical and eSIM cards.

We consolidated existing and agreed new partnerships and channels including with:

  • Tampnet so that our maritime customers can use its off-shore networks which provide coverage in the North Sea.
  • Harren & Partner Ship Management for NearToShore and service in Europe.
  • MIMO Connect for NearToShore and service worldwide.
  • MyDataSIM for NearToShore and service worldwide.
  • VMS - Virtual Maritime Services for NearToShore and service worldwide.


This year we added a new router partner for our M2M service and we increased substantially the number of SIMs in this market.

You can read more this in our recent blog about Teltonika.

Our M2M partners include Cellnex in Ireland.

And our M2M customers include GlobalmatiX, a rising star in the telematics industry, whose customers include the world’s best known rental car brands including the Enterprise, Alamo and National brands.

You can read more about how Telecom26 is making great progress in the automotive sector with our IoT connectivity services here.


Companies of all sizes are switching to our Global eSIM and physical SIM service so that they can avoid bill shock by securing high-quality, reliable and cost-effective connectivity for their devices.

Our Customers

We increased the number of subscribers using our physical and eSIMs by 50% in 2022 whilst data usage more than doubled.

Our customers include established, listed companies as well as entrepreneurial organisations and start-ups such as:

  • A large Asian bank with employees worldwide.
  • SystemOne, an e-health company.
  • Boda Boda Banja, a fintech which enables people who are un/underbanked to buy or lease a motorbike to use as a taxi.
  • Beekee, a Swiss EdTech start-up operational in emerging markets across the world.
  • A pharmaceutical company offering services worldwide.
  • A company based in the UAE which offers help and advice to fast-growing companies around the world. Part of its portfolio includes a cost-effective global roaming service for business users.

New services

We launched a number of new global connectivity services including a full mobile service called Talk, Text and Travel.

We are also offering an eSIM service for small MNOs/MVNOs who are late to get into the eSIM market.  For them, deploying eSIMs can be costly, time-consuming and occupy resources that may be better deployed in other parts of their business. More info about our eSIM service can be found here:  eSIM enablement for service providers.

Our plans for 2023 

We have a number of new products that we are fine-tuning for launch in 2023 and we will be improving and integrating Enterprise and Security services for our customers.

In the meantime, most of our team will be taking a well-earned rest over the festive period although we have a core team who will be available for queries or network management issues that might arise.

We wish you all a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.

You can read more about our global roaming and global connectivity services here: https://www.telecom26.ch/network/iot-global-roaming

And, if you’d like to find out how Telecom26 can improve global connectivity for your employees and devices please contact us.

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