Let’s connect the world. Together.Join our innovations program

Let’s connect the world, together…Bring your idea to life in A global iot network

Innovation is critical to the evolution of our industry. We want to see new ideas that extend the boundaries of mobile services and applications take off and flourish. We know we can’t do that on our own. But, we have our part to play.

As a truly global mobile operator, we have a unique worldwide environment, in which new ideas can be tested and evaluated, before being launched. We need you to make this happen.

An environment for IoT project innovation

Sims, global Connectivity, a management console and project support

Telecom26’s Innovations Programme provides a lab environment for you to develop and create new IoT solutions.

It’s a place for you to develop new ideas and test use cases for innovative connectivity solutions - safely and in a live global network.

It’s a multi-million Euro investment in a development lab to test and create business critical connectivity solutions for all-Gs, Wi-Fi, LoRA and NB-IoT, in both private and public network scenarios.

It’s your sandbox for the creation of new
connectivity solutions!

SIM Card starter pack with connectivity in over 200 countries

Get your application and devices on line for live network testing using real SIMs in our network

Build your application in a real-world environment

Take advantage of our global IoT network to build and test your innovative applications in the real-world

Test you app free for 90 days

We'll give you 5 SIM cards with 150MB of pooled data for 90 days! Apply today and find out if you qualify

Apply to join the Innovations Programme

Tell us about your project and apply to join the Innovations Program

We’re offering SIMs, connectivity access to our IoT management console so you can turn your idea into a fully-fledged service.

We aim to promote partnering with established public and private network vendors, while building an ecosystem, drawn from enterprises, academia, and individuals.

Apply for a starter pack today and join our expanding innovation ecosystem

  • 5 SIM Cards for IoT Devices
  • 150 MB per SIM per month, for 3 months
  • Access to Telecom26 IoT Management Console
    • IoT SIM management and control
    • Device security
    • Analytics and insights
    • Financial management
  • Global IoT SIM Cards with access to:
    • 1100+ network agreements
    • 200+ countries and territories
  • Pitch us your project today!
    • See if you qualify

Tell us about your project and apply to join the Innovations Program

Work with industry leaders in connectivity.

We want a high percentage of innovations to gain rapid market acceptance, through rigorous prototyping and testing, accelerating delivery of unique connectivity solutions.

The IoT communications voyage

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The IoT communications voyage