IoT Connectivity for HealthcareEnd-to-end IoT connectivity for healthcare applications

Better connections save livesReliable, secure IoT for healthcare applications

We provide flexible, secure IoT connectivity for a diverse range of remote healthcare and telemedicine applications.

The connectivity we offer enables an ever-expanding range of diagnostic, data collection and incident response services, bringing optimised coverage wherever it is needed. We collaborate with partners to customise our solutions and to ensure privacy

IoT Connectivity for Healthcare

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Global IoT connectivity from Telecom26 for remote healthcare and telemedicine offers the flexibility to solve any communications challenge. As well as secure coverage, we support full inbound and outbound roaming, with optimised QoS to suit specific requirements.

We can enable remote device authentication using information derived from the mobile network, as well as IMEI and MAC address. This protects valuable equipment and ensures correlation with clinicians. Private APNs and VPN tunnelling are available.

Devices, People, Places

  • Proactive, managed security and policy control
  • Active network selection and resilience
  • Enable any remote data collection and transfer
  • Comprehensive management portal and control
  • Inbound and outbound roaming

Remote Diagnostics

Collect healthcare data from any location for diagnostic and analysis programmes

  • Remote hospitals & health centres
  • Symptom monitoring
  • Disease surveillance
  • Outbreak monitoring and analysis

Intelligent Access for First Responders

Dedicated secure and interoperable coverage for incident management

  • Private local network
  • HIPAA / GDPR compliant
  • Optimised network selection
  • Aggregated local device data transfer

Remote Asset Management

Remotely monitor scarce resources with limited shelf-life

  • Environmental safeguard of medicines
  • Alarm-based reporting of deviations
  • Track in transit and at remote facilities
  • End-to-end supply chain tracking
IoT connectivity for Healthcare

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IoT connectivity for Healthcare

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