IoT Connectivity for LogisticsIoT connectivity for supply chain and logistics

IoT for logistics and supply chainGlobal delivery, globally managed

IoT has revolutionised supply chains and the logistics industry by delivering real-time global visibility and tracking of goods. ‘Best-guess’ delivery dates have been replaced by the granular tracking of cargo containers to within a couple of metres.

Telecom26 network provides reliable and secure end-to-end asset and cargo tracking for logistics managers across the world. With flexible global and zonal data plans, an intuitive management console and 24/7 support, Telecom26 is the global network for global delivery.

IoT Connectivity for logistics, cargo and supply chain

Global visibility and management for your cargo and assets

Telecom26 simplifies the challenge of cargo tracking and supply gain management. Our global network is active in more than 200 countries and territories meaning you get end-to-end visibility with no coverage gaps or cold spots.

Working with Telecom26 removes the complexity of swapping SIM cards or negotiating with carriers. Our simple Multi-IMSI approach means you’re guaranteed the best available coverage wherever you go. With multiple network options in each country, you can be sure your assets are safe; globally tracked, globally managed and globally delivered.

Unrivalled coverage for global logistics

  • 200+ territories covered across the globe
  • Multiple networks ensure best available coverage
  • Simple intuitive management console
  • 24/7 support from a dedicated team
  • Global, zonal and custom plans available

Control assets in transit

Keep a close eye on cargo as it travels, monitor environmental data

  • Reduce risk of theft
  • Manage and track physical changes
  • Ensure chain of custody
  • Reduce insurance costs

Reduce delivery times

Manage complex logistical chains more effectively with global tracking

  • Improve delivery forecasts
  • Troubleshoot delays
  • Manage handovers
  • Audit performance

End-to-end global tracking

Get real-time information through a simple and intuitive management console

  • Set geographic alerts
  • Activate and remove SIMs
  • Select carriers and networks
  • Generate sophisticated reporting
IoT connectivity for Logistics

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IoT connectivity for Logistics

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