Connectivity for Retail & Point of SaleIoT connectivity for retail & point of sale applications

IoT for retail and point of saleHelping you to optimise the sales process

Connected devices have revolutionised retail and point of sale applications. Innovators in IoT have enabled retailers to manage inventory and assets more effectively, gain real-time insights into footfall, improve customer relationship management and the overall retail experience.

Secure, reliable IoT connectivity is essential for point of sale and retail applications and our global network delivers global connectivity and API access.

IoT Connectivity for retail and point of sale

Secure data connectivity for payments, point of sale and inventory management

The retail industry has benefits greatly from the advent of IoT and smarter connected devices. From credit card terminals to kiosks, ATMs and vending machines, IoT enables a smoother customer experience and a more intelligent management of assets and inventory.

Telecom26 allows you to enable credit card and point of sale transactions anywhere in the world without the fear of drop-outs or dead zones.

A platform for retail innovation

  • 200+ territories covered across the globe
  • Multiple networks ensure best available coverage
  • Simple intuitive management console
  • 24/7 support from a dedicated team
  • Global, zonal and custom plans available

Manage inventory in real-time

See transactions in real-time, respond to changes in demand in an instant

  • Easily track sensors and alerts
  • Respond just in time
  • Forecasts and stock management
  • Reduce storage and insurance costs

Frictionless payments

Simplify the mobile payments process with secure and reliable data connection

  • Speed up payment times
  • Operate anywhere
  • Avoid errors and delays
  • Transmit data securely

Improve customer experience

Move to a zero-touch, frictionless mode of payment

  • Eliminate data loss
  • Remove reliance on 3rd party WiFi
  • Set up a payment kiosk anywhere
  • Never lose a sale to data loss
IoT connectivity for Retail

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IoT connectivity for Retail

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