COP, Climate Change and the role of IoT Connectivity
5 November 2021

COP, Climate Change and the role of IoT Connectivity

5 November 2021

The news headlines this week have been dominated by the speeches and promises made by world leaders at COP26, and our team of IoT connectivity experts have been listening carefully.

Why would our IoT Connectivity experts be interested in what President Biden, Prime Minister Johnson and Greta Thunberg have to say? Put simply, the rollout of IoT networks and connected devices will be crucial in tackling climate change. In this piece Is IoT a silver bullet for climate change?, IoT is described as “the digital skin of our planet” which enables us to measurethe real state of the world through sensors”. In particular, the rollout of Industrial IoT is already a vital component in…monitoring “a whole range of factors, including everything from air and water quality, to assessing pollution levels around factories, rivers and cities” and identifying “the more indirect impacts of climate change by measuring things such as flood and river levels, wind speed, land erosion, the activities of bees and beehives, and tracking animals or vegetation in impacted areas”.

To say nothing of connecting vital infrastructure in remote regions to essential control and monitoring systems – securely and safely.

Telecom26 - Building IoT Networks and providing IoT Connectivity

The IoT Connectivity team at Telecom26 is already working with organisations of all sizes across multiple sectors that are embracing IoT to help better manage their assets. In previous blogs we have examined the necessity of Securing Your IoT Networks and how analysts are optimistic about The Rollout of Enterprise Networks. We have recently put together this short paper about IoT Connectivity for Energy and Utilities. Telecom26 provides a global IoT platform for companies in the energy and utilities industries to implement next generation, smart solutions. We enable energy and utility companies to monitor their remote assets, gather data in real-time and reduce operational costs, safe in the knowledge that their data is travelling on a secure, global IoT network.

With wind and solar farms high up the COP26 agenda, we are constantly reviewing our offering for these types of deployments.  In this Internet of Business report “Frost & Sullivan analyst Swagath Navin Manohar said that connected technology will transform the wind industry by helping companies tap into new opportunities.“In the coming years, we will see IoT-enabled ‘talking’ turbines, drones, and robots designed to replace the manual inspection of wind turbines and blades”.

As well as energy and utilities, the IoT Connectivity team at Telecom26 are helping with the rollout of IoT networks across a range of other vertical markets. You can read more in these previous blogs:

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