Securing Your IoT Networks - 1.5 billion breaches of IoT devices in H1 2021
22 October 2021

Securing Your IoT Networks - 1.5 billion breaches of IoT devices in H1 2021

22 October 2021

The IoT Connectivity team at Telecom26 has had a busy 2021 working with organisations of all sizes across multiple sectors who are embracing IoT.  Our earlier blog The rollout of enterprise IoT networks - lots of optimism from analysts examines two recent pieces of research which predict that As enterprise IoT projects deployments continue to grow, and confidence in the benefits of IoT projects, investment in the technology is also on the rise”.

In our discussions about IoT Connectivity, IoT Security is a subject that is almost always raised.  To help our partners, prospects and customers, our IoT Security team have put together a free white paper  Security for critical infrastructure - The role of IoT and Non-Public Networks.

This 12-page document sets out the security vulnerabilities of IoT ecosystems - and discusses how Telecom26 solves these significant IoT Security issues.

And the security of IoT networks certainly needs attention at all levels…

IoT Cyberattacks

  • Last month anti-virus and computer security provider Kaspersky reported that IoT cyberattacks more than doubled year-on-year.
  • “From January to June this year, some 1.51 billion breaches of IoT devices took place, an increase from 639 million in 2020”.
  • “The findings confirm that the pandemic has exacerbated IoT vulnerabilities by prolonging device usage in household settings.  Many of these devices – whether intended for enterprise or personal use – lack adequate security protocols.
  • However, “escalating IoT cyberattacks also pose a predicament for enterprise systems in every corner of the globe”

The IoT Security challenges

According to Kaspersky’s research: 872 million (58%) of IoT cyberattacks brokered access to IoT networks via the telnet protocol, a command line interface that enables remote communication with a device or server. And most attacks had the intent of cryptocurrency mining, distributed denial-of-service (DDoS) shutdowns or pilfering confidential data.

A report by French technology services company, Thales, lists the six most significant IoT security challenges:

  1. Weak password protection
  2. Lack of regular patches and updates and weak update mechanism
  3. Insecure interfaces
  4. Insufficient data protection
  5. Poor IoT device management
  6. The IoT skills gap

Securing IoT Networks the Telecom26 Way

The Telecom26 IoT Connectivity team has developed an intra-network solution to maximise IoT security and enable devices to be managed securely and simply.

Our SIM-enabled security / device management can be applied to an estate of IoT sensors as easily it can to a mobile workforce and their connected devices and phones.

For IoT ecosystems our unique SIM provides a dedicated, secure network for connected sensors and devices, while providing a semi-private network for communications (with fully enabled, secure private / public network roaming).

We are also the only provider that can offer secure roaming between public and private networks (with managed corporate security) through our dual Telecom26 SIM… all on a single bill.

Telecom26’s IoT Connectivity Pedigree - includes full IoT Security

At Telecom26 we are helping with the rollout of IoT networks across a range of vertical markets. You can read more in these previous blogs:

So if you’d like to find out how Telecom26 can help your organisation to embrace the benefits of IoT Networks, improve IoT connectivity and maximise IoT Security please contact us.

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