5G and private networks
8 November 2022

5G and private networks

8 November 2022

This interesting article in the Financial Times newspaper titled India’s big bet on 5G caught the eye of our global connectivity and 5G team.

It says that “With companies targeting last week’s Diwali holiday for their initial rollouts, 5G is the latest battle for India’s network operators in their campaign to dominate the fast growing mobile market.

“India is hungry for data. Ultra-cheap mobile data has driven an online revolution in India, with internet connections speeding up everything from government services to payments.”

Earlier this year, following extensive testing in many 5G networks around the world, we added 5G connectivity – including in India - to our Global Roaming Service which currently provides seamless coverage across 1100 cellular networks from over 650 mobile operators in more than 200 countries.

For customers who already have 5G capable devices, our eSIMs and SIMs can automatically access the higher data speeds of 5G, where it’s available.

The number of countries in which we can offer 5G is growing all the time and 5G is available to all our customers with the same pricing as our other services including in India.

Feel free to ask us where we can offer you 5G coverage.

5G and Private networks

Our team of global connectivity and IoT Connectivity experts has recently written a new white paper titled “What does 5G bring to your business?” which you can download here.  In it we discuss all aspects of 5G including how it is enabling the rollout of private mobile networks.

At Telecom26 we’ve long been singing the praises of mobile private networks which have been defined by Vodafone as a “dedicated business network that allows businesses to interconnect people and things using 4G or 5G technology” and also “provides an ultra-secure network solution that can support businesses moving to Industry 4.0”.

Mobile Private Networks differ from public mobile networks in that they provide “private reserved coverage that is subject to agreed performance and local, protected data flow”.

Spending on 5G private networks is forecast to outstrip that of 5G public networks within the next decade.

Polaris Market Research predicts that the global 5G private network market will grow at a CAGR of 40.9% between 2020 and 2028. A rise in demand for ultra-reliable low latency connectivity for industrial applications, including industrial sensors and collaborative robots is a key factor driving the market growth, it says. 

Meanwhile, ABI Research forecasts that the private network market could be worth US$16.3 billion by 2025. Furthermore, it predicts that spending on private and shared enterprise networks will surpass spending on public cellular networks within the next 15 years.

In our white paper What does 5G bring to your business?” our team of global connectivity and IoT Connectivity discuss how and why many private businesses and organisations are interested in building their own networks.  These include owners of infrastructure, such as ports and railway terminals, as well as factories, broadcasting associations – even construction companies. In fact, almost any sector imaginable is exploring 5G networks.

As a result, it won’t just be mobile network operators (MNOs) that offer 5G. Regulators in many countries are permitting potential users to secure licenses for locations, in which they can deploy their own networks, which are detached from the public networks offered by MNOs – in other words, isolated and private. Some may also be delivered as slices, while others may be provided as managed services.

The fact is that the landscape of 3-4 MNOs in each country will fragment, as there may be thousands of such private dedicated networks.

Telecom26, Global Connectivity and 5G

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If you’d like to discuss how our 5G and Global Roaming Service can keep your people and devices connected wherever they are in the world, then please get in touch.

And, we’re already eyeing the future, as we watch developments towards the definition and standardisation of future 6G networks, led by the ITU, among others. But that’s another story!

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