Has 5G been a success so far?
16 September 2022

Has 5G been a success so far?

16 September 2022

Our team of global connectivity and IoT Connectivity experts have recently written a new white paper titled “What does 5G bring to your business?” which you can download here.

It’s a useful, interesting and easy read for anyone who wants to cut through the hype and understand the reality of 5G.  In it, our global connectivity experts share some key facts and show what 5G can mean for your business – and how we’ll help you capitalise on it via our unique global network of networks.

As a global connectivity service provider, we have, of course, been tracking the

progress of 5G for years constantly assessing the needs of our customers, partners and prospects - and figuring out if they would actually benefit from having access to 5G networks around the world.

Earlier this year, following extensive testing of a number of 5G networks from operators around the world, we added 5G networks to our Global Roaming Service which currently provides seamless coverage across 1100 cellular networks from over 650 mobile operators in more than 200 countries.

The number of countries in which we can offer 5G is growing all the time and 5G is available to all our customers with the same pricing as our other services.  

Feel free to ask us where we can offer you 5G coverage.

Has 5G been a success so far?

The headlines around 5G were initially somewhat negative with concerns about health:  Is 5G bad for your health? It’s complicated and COVID-19: 5G conspiracy theories are 'complete rubbish'

These were accompanied by complaints about a lack of coverage and speed:  Why is my 5G so slow? Comparing the hype to the reality.

However, as more deployments were rolled out the mood changed as more people were able to experience 5G for themselves:  Advantages Of 5G: How 5G Levels The Playing Field For SMEs.

Today, according to Ericsson’s (justly) famous Mobility Report, more than 180 operators around the world have already launched commercial 5G services. That translates to an expected total of more than 600 million 5G subscriptions by the end of 2022 – much faster growth than the previous generation, 4G.

By 2027, the same report reckons that this total will reach more than 4.4 billion – making it the dominant technology for mobile networks and devices. At Telecom26, we think that’s probably an underestimate – mobile devices have got a lot cheaper, and we can expect this trend to continue - which will mean more and more people will be able benefit from subscription upgrades. At the same time, we also anticipate many more 5G network launches in the next few years.

So, 5G is already proving to be a success, but it isn’t just about faster networks. That’s part of the promise, but 5G is actually a combination of four different – but related – services, that offer new capabilities for different applications and user groups:

  • Enhanced Mobile Broadband (eMBB)
  • Ultra Reliable Low Latency Communications (URLLC)
  • Mobile Internet of Things (mIoT)
  • Fixed Wireless Access (FWA)

We’ll examine these in more detail in future blogs while explaining how they are (or are not) relevant to your business.

Telecom26, Global Connectivity and 5G

You can read some of our earlier thoughts about 5G in these earlier blogs:

If you’d like to discuss how our 5G and Global Roaming Service can keep your people and devices connected wherever they are in the world, then please get in touch.

And, we’re already eyeing the future, as we watch developments towards the definition and standardisation of future 6G networks, led by the ITU, among others. But that’s another story!

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Later in the year Telecom26 will be attending these major international trade fairs:

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If you, or one of your team, will be at any of these shows and would like to discuss our 5G IoT, maritime connectivity and global connectivity services in-person then please book a meeting.

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