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IoT SIMs from Telecom26IoT Connectivity, globally delivered

Telecom26 IoT SIM cards remove your dependency on a single mobile operator or network provider. Our Multi-IMSI SIMs automatically select the best performing network, while providing you with the freedom to change SIM profiles and services with ease.

Reliable, global mobile data coverage is provided at a low, fixed rate, enabling any device to be equipped with out-of-the-box connectivity, backed by a global network.

IoT SIM cards

Flexible, programmable, multi-profile. Ready for your IoT services

Our IoT SIM cards provide you with all the flexibility you need to build your IoT services. Ready-to-run and programmable over-the-air!

Multi-profile, Multi-IMSI

Choose the best performing network or select a route based on cost.  Our Multi-IMSI SIMs put you in control of coverage.

Programmable over the air

Over the Air (OTA) updates enable remote control of SIM profiles. Add new profiles can and adjust services on the fly.

One SIM for global coverage

Our multi-IMSI global SIM cards provide enhanced connectivity in even the most remote areas.

Dedicated support

Get a single point of contact for your account. All your questions answered and backed by 24x7x365 service!

Secure, independent architecture

Standards-based, 3GPP-compliant infrastructure, with Tier-1, carrier-grade performance.

API access, full management portal

API access for business process integration and a comprehensive interface, for full control of IoT devices.

SIM Form factors

From 2ff to esim

We support all current SIM form factors, including 2FF, 3FF and 4FF – that’s mini, micro and nano, as well as MFF2. In addition to classic SIMs, we also offer eSIM, which provides new levels of flexibility.

We take care of the full end-to-end lifecycle, from programming to reprogramming and all necessary updates.

Full lifecycle management of SIMs

  • Simplify logistics and shipping
  • Standards-based and secure
  • Reduce operational and roaming costs
  • Manage your fleet easily and efficiently
  • Benefit from new levels of flexibility

Eliminate physical swaps with eSIM

Support multiple carrier profiles instantly

While a traditional SIM is limited to a single carrier, eSIM allows multiple carrier profiles to be supported.

With our eSIM solution, a single SIM card can enable seamless migration between different carriers, eliminating physical SIM swaps.

Complete ota management

We provide a complete OTA – over the air – management solution, offering full control and more flexibility than before.

Of course, our Multi IMSI solutions are also available, helping you to make the most of existing connections.

eSIM or Multi-SIM?

eSIM offers a standardised approach for the remote programming of networks, with many benefits. It’s different from the classical ‘Multi-IMSI’ approach.

The good news is that Telecom26 supports both. So, if you want to manually change IMSI profiles due to frequent travel, then Multi-IMSI is for you, while if you want to remotely reprogram your solutions, then eSIM is the way forward. Easy.


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Low-cost, predictable rates

Regional and global plans, monthly or pay as you go

Everything you need to obtain global connectivity, from a single platform and a single supplier – Telecom26.
The IoT network for your business.

Global monthly

Monthly plans as low as:

2.00 per GB

200+ countries & territories
  • 6, 12, 24 & 36
    month plans
  • Private APN & VPN available

  • Real-time SIM/ service management
  • Fixed IP addresses available
  • Data pooling available

Global PAYGO

Global data rates as low as:

0.01 per MB

200+ countries & territories
  • Simple, flat rate pricing
  • Private APN & VPN available

  • Real-time SIM/ service management
  • Automatic recharge
  • Flexible data billed by KB

SMS plans

Prices as low as:

0.05 per SMS

200+ countries & territories
  • Custom sms bundles
  • 100-1000 messages

  • No long-term contracts
  • SMS pooling available
  • Device to device, device to cloud
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