The sectors driving the adoption of 5G and IoT
21 April 2023

The sectors driving the adoption of 5G and IoT

21 April 2023

Our 5G and IoT teams have been discussing this recent piece in Mobile magazine Top 10 developing 5G-enabled IoT technologies in 2023 in which it explores the “IoT technologies that are set to experience the most significant developments in 2023” as  “the growth and evolution of the IoT market is set to bring about a wealth of transformative technologies. Spanning everything from homes to vehicles, and wearables to drones, our IoT devices are set to reach entirely new heights, in the very near future”.

The list comprises:

  • Healthcare technology

The piece says that “5G-enabled medical devices are set to be absolutely transformational to the healthcare sector. Phenomenal developments are being made in telemedicine devices, remote patient monitoring devices, and wearable medical devices, to help healthcare providers to manage the rapidly increasing demand”.

  • Wearables
  • Events technologies.

This new level of interconnectivity represents a huge potential for event organisers. They can use these futuristic technologies to create an exceptional visitor experience, thereby preserving the value of in-person attendance in the face of ever-improving online streaming.  In fact, a recent PwC survey revealed that 70% of sports leaders see gamification and connected technology as the greatest opportunity for physical sport”.

  • Autonomous vehiclesSmart city infrastructure
  • VR and metaverse devices
  • Drones
  • AR devices

    “[are] being heavily invested in for use in medical settings, or training in extreme environments”

  • Smartphones
  • Manufacturing robots

“Although it may not be at the same pace as other IoT technologies, the manufacturing robotics market is growing. It was valued at US$24.35bn in 2020 and will reach US$52.85bn by 2026”.

An interesting list supported by the demands for 5G and IoT connectivity from Telecom26’s existing – and prospective – customers. In particular, while 5G access is now widely available from our networks, the primary applications are data-oriented – which is exactly what you would expect.

Most of our customers require our connectivity to support mobile applications, not wireless connectivity per se. A factory doesn’t move but a drone does. A smart city is a static environment in which millions of remote sensors and devices might be deployed – but in a closed network. Wireless connectivity is the enabler here, not necessarily the unique new capabilities that 5G can offer.

Similarly, healthcare devices may be deployed in many countries – so the common factors here from our perspective are cross-border and multi-network connectivity.

Our customers use 5G (wherever they can) to accelerate data transfer and control from remote devices that may either be deployed in multiple countries (so they need to be able to connect to any network that’s available), or may move around in one country (so must not be tied to a single MNO’s network). Neither factor is exclusively related to 5G, but they are important to the application and device providers.

And, the number of countries in which we can offer 5G is growing all the time – currently 50+ - and 5G is available to all our customers with the same pricing as our other services so there are no extra charges or hidden costs. 

5G’s progress

In this blog 5G, the GSMA’s thoughts and Telecom26’s 5G networks, we discussed how  Peter Jarich, Head of GSMA Intelligence, had written about what comes after one billion 5G connections? The 2nd Wave of 5G

In it he says that “the first billion 5G connections were made by the end of 2022” and “5G has got off to an incredible start. But now it must deliver, enriching lives and societies in all corners of the world”.

And that the “1st Wave of 5G was driven by relatively mature markets and consumer use cases like eMBB (enhanced Mobile Broadband)…whilst…the 2nd Wave will engage a diverse set of new audiences”.  Audiences which we agree will include the sectors above.

Telecom26’s IoT and 5G connectivity portfolio

Building IoT networks that run over all types of networks including 5G where available is part of Telecom26’s connectivity portfolio.

We are already connecting:

Or if you’d like a call to discuss our 5G, IoT, global connectivity and maritime connectivity services can help improve connectivity for your devices, then please contact us.

Telecom26 is a full operator member of the GSMA and the ITU.


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