Qatar World Cup; avoid huge mobile phone bills with Telecom26
3 October 2022

Qatar World Cup; avoid huge mobile phone bills with Telecom26

3 October 2022

Excitement is mounting within the Telecom26 global connectivity team as the countdown to the football World Cup continues.  The competition takes place in Qatar from November 20 to December 18.  32 teams will compete and, according to,Brazil may not have savoured World Cup glory since 2002, but they are five-time winners and currently boast the strength in depth - with the likes of Neymar, Vinicius Junior and Alisson at their disposal - to make them 9/2 (5.50) favourites in Qatar”.

Around two million people are expected to visit Qatar to watch the matches – and to make their trips go more smoothly, Telecom26 has put together a special global connectivity package.  This will ensure that companies that are sending teams to work at the tournament can avoid huge mobile phone bills loaded with expensive roaming charges.

Our global connectivity deal will also be of interest to the luxury yacht companies that will rent out boats to those with more money to spend.  The people with cash to splash on renting a floating hotel for the tournament will expect fast and reliable broadband across the entire yacht.  They need a five star global connectivity package to match their five-star surroundings.

Telecom26, Qatar and global connectivity

Our 2022 World Cup global connectivity offer gives organisations an alternative to their existing mobile contract, providing mobile data global connectivity from as little as €1 / GB.

How our Qatar service will work is that we will provide customers with second eSIMs (or SIM) for their employees allowing them to connect to local networks in Qatar during the FIFA World Cup via our global connectivity network  – and secure huge savings on their mobile data charges when roaming.   The benefits are numerous including:

  • Prices from €1 / GB
  • Bundle options or PAYG
  • Use primary number
  • Outstanding coverage and data rates
  • eSIM or physical SIM
  • Simple activation
  • Full visibility and control of all subscriptions
  • VPN and security options available
  • Keep your existing contract and add Telecom26 quickly and easily
  • Share and join the action

Data pooling is also available – please Get In Touch for more details

Our Global Connectivity Service

Telecom26 is an independent, global mobile operator offering global connectivity through our multi-network global IoT eSIMs.

We own our network core and operational assets leveraging relationships with more than 1100 network connections and 620 mobile operators to secure unrivalled global connectivity coverage.

We offer a full range of global connectivity telecom services including 5G (where available), LTE-M, WiFi, private networks, 2G, 3G and 4G, as well offshore connectivity capabilities.

Our customers include enterprises, OEMS and NGOs who want a single delivery partner, cross-border solutions and global connectivity that is secure, resilient and can be tailored to meet specific and evolving needs.

At the heart of Telecom26’s IoT service are our global eSIMs and physical SIM cards.  Just one of our global eSIMs and physical SIM cards in a device:

  • Provides access to all of the networks covered by our global roaming service. That’s 1100+ cellular networks belonging to 650+ mobile operators in 200+ countries.
  • Removes the need to worry about the coverage of a single MNO, or the existence of roaming alliances. Our SIMs automatically select the best performing network in the area, cross-border, while providing enterprises with the freedom to change SIM profiles and services with ease.
  • Can be customised with routing profiles built for each IoT device according to a customer’s needs and budget. For example, for organisations that are more price sensitive we can ensure that our Global SIM cards automatically connect to the cheapest service in the area.

In addition, Telecom26’s eSIMs and physical SIM cards:

  • Are programmable over the air - Over the Air (OTA) updates enable remote control of SIM profiles and it’s easy to add new profiles and adjust services on the fly.
  • Have secure, independent architecture based on Standards-based, 3GPP-compliant infrastructure, with Tier-1, carrier-grade performance
  • Use API access with a full management portal for business process integration and a comprehensive interface, for full control of IoT devices.

We support all current SIM form factors, including 2FF, 3FF and 4FF – that’s mini, micro and nano, as well as MFF2. In addition to classic SIMs, we also offer Global eSIM, which provides new levels of flexibility.

We take care of the full end-to-end lifecycle, from programming to reprogramming and all necessary updates.

In a nutshell, Telecom26 enables global connectivity and data connectivity, anywhere - so that your device can connect to the best available network, regardless of location.

You can read more about our global roaming and global connectivity services here:

And, if you’d like to find out how Telecom26 can improve global connectivity for your employees and devices please contact us.

Catching-Up In-Person

Later in the year Telecom26 will be attending these major international trade fairs:

Mets Trade

15- 17 November



14–17 November 2022

Düsseldorf, Germany

If you, or one of your team, will be at any of these shows and would like to discuss our IoT and global connectivity services in-person then please book a meeting.

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