Global Roaming - ensuring your team are always connected wherever they are in the world
2 June 2020

Global Roaming - ensuring your team are always connected wherever they are in the world

2 June 2020

It’s actually quite difficult to find out how many MNOs there are in the world. The GSMA says that its members include more than 750 operators but this includes fixed and satellite operators.

Interestingly it’s also difficult to work out how many countries there are too! 193 countries belong to the UN plus 2 countries that are non-member observer states: the Holy See and the State of Palestine plus 39 dependences including Taiwan, Hong Kong, Luxembourg and Barbados.

At Telecom26 the magic numbers are currently 620 and 220. That is, we can provide our customers with access to 1100 cellular networks from over 620 mobile operators in 220 countries. North Korea, where no roaming is allowed, is our only gap. Some of our competitors claim over 1200 MNO roaming agreements which is surprising given the GSMA’s operator membership number of 750…

Providing our customers with access to the best available network wherever they are in the world has been key to our success. Most of our healthcare and maritime clients have keyworkers in remote areas who need reliable broadband to do their jobs. Mobile is the only way to receive broadband in such areas and so we connect to the best 3G/4G/5G network in any area.

The Telecom26 Global Roaming Service

Initially we negotiated agreements with the world’s seven largest operators which gives us access to all the networks that they have roaming agreements with. For example, Telefonica alone has roaming agreements with 600+ other operators.

This is where our competitors stop.

However, at Telecom26 our raison d’etre is to provide our customers with the best available service, with pricing to match. We need to ensure that our business is important to our operator partners - and that our traffic is prioritised.

And so, in addition to our seven partner mobile operator roaming relations, we have also created direct agreements with more than 200 operators. This approach enables us to provide a better service for our customers in two ways:

It enables us to offer the highest quality, most reliable and secure network coverage possible

We can also customise our offering, and build routing profiles for each customer according to their needs and budget. For example, for organisations that are more price sensitive we can ensure that they automatically connect to the cheapest service in the area, rarely access expensive satellite links - and make the most of wifi for data-heavy up and down loads.

One SIM, One Supplier, Multiple Networks For Global Roaming

At the hard of our roaming service are our Multi-IMSI global SIM cards which enable one SIM to access all of the networks covered by our global roaming service. Namely, the 1100 cellular networks from over 620 mobile operators in 220 countries.

Our global SIMs remove the need to worry about the coverage of a single MNO, or the existence of roaming alliances. Multiple-IMSI profiles are pre-loaded (and remotely configurable) on every SIM allowing for simple reconfiguration if the primary network has poor or no service. This is all controlled via a customer administration portal.

Our Multi-IMSI global SIMs automatically select the best performing network in the area, cross-border, while providing you with the freedom to change SIM profiles and services with ease.

In a nutshell, Telecom26 enables data connectivity, anywhere - so that your team can connect to the best available network, regardless of location.

For our customers, our roaming service and global SIM cards, means that, as well as seamless connectivity, they have just one mobile phone contract with one bill, one point of contact and one set of SLAs.

Telecom 26 - We’re global roamers too!

Our team love to travel for work and pleasure - and wherever they are in the world they want to stay connected too. We are constantly innovating and evolving our portfolio based on the experiences of ourselves - and, of course, our customers.

As a truly global mobile operator, we have a unique worldwide environment, in which new ideas are tested and evaluated, before being launched.

We offer a full range of connectivity options including 5G, LTE, WiFi, NB-IoT, private networks, 2G, 3G and 4G, as well as offshore connectivity capabilities.

So please Get in touch to find out how Telecom26 can help improve connectivity for your team, wherever they are in the world.

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