Private networks – VIP and tactical campus connectivity
1 June 2019

Private networks – VIP and tactical campus connectivity

1 June 2019

Private networks are gaining interest for industrial and enterprise use cases – but they also address very specific communications needs. What’s needed is the capability to deliver permanent, temporary or portable solutions, with the flexibility to enable full control to the users.

Private networks are attracting considerable interest at the moment, partly because many businesses recognize that they often have specialized requirements that demand self-contained, standalone solutions. It’s also partly because 5G use cases are likely to lead to the emergence of many more such networks, across a wide range of vertical sectors.

However, one aspect of this trend which is less appreciated is the use of such networks for VIP customers. This category includes locations that have unusual requirements, such as  government offices and on-the-move networks, as well as private estates. Such customers often need secure, private networks that are deployed for their exclusive use.

While this is nothing new, there does seem to be growing demand for these capabilities – and, the requirements have evolved too. For example, users may want to activate a network for a limited duration, so the arrangements are temporary. They may be established in one location for a period of time and then moved to another. In addition, mobility has become a consideration, as some networks need to move with the customers – creating a bubble in a motorcade, or convoy, for example.

All of which adds to the complexity and richness of the services that need to be supported – and all of which requires very close control. Users admittance needs to be policy driven, while access to external networks must be considered carefully. Is this user permitted to use an external network? Do we allow them to roam or do we force them always to use the private connection?

The controller of the private network needs to be free to make these decisions, to set policies and to determine who uses the network, how and with what ability to use others. As such, they need to have the ability to configure the network as they see fit, so they can tune it to their specific needs and circumstances.

At Telecom26, we can deliver the flexible private networks they need, with the control and configuration options to set their own rules. We can enable them to be permanent or temporary, portable and flexible, entirely self-contained or with managed break-out with complete security.

So, if you need to deploy your own communications infrastructure, as remote cellular assets or simply as protected, resilient networks, we can help you achieve your goals. We’ve worked with clients from all sectors, delivering the connectivity they need for their teams, services and devices. If you need campus or VIP connectivity, get in touch and we’ll show you how.

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