The World’s Biggest Ports - Connectivity Everywhere
10 November 2020

The World’s Biggest Ports - Connectivity Everywhere

10 November 2020

Telecom26 provides complete private networks, IoT maritime connectivity and maritime cellular communications for ports and marinas of all sizes across the world - and the vessels that use them.  From small leisure boat only marinas on sunny shores to the largest commercial ports in the world.

We customise our offering to provide both vessels and port personnel and infrastructure with the digital services, personal comms and IoT device data management they need to keep ships moving - and cargo safe and secure.

Last year the World Economic Forum listed the busiest ports on the planet in terms of volume of trade. Can you guess which country had seven ports in the top ten??  The answer (of course) China. With Shanghai beating Singapore to claim the crown of busiest port in the world.

According to the WEF report, only five of the top 20 ports in the world are now located outside of East Asia. The Port of Los Angeles is the only U.S. entrant in the top 20, and only three European ports made the cut.

Not surprising considering China’s manufacturing output; the latest figures show that China accounted for 28% of global manufacturing output in 2018. To learn how and why China has maintained this position, then this article on Investopedia, is worth a read.

Port Connectivity - IoT maritime connectivity and maritime cellular communications

In June we wrote about how smart harbours are helping to drive productivity and enhance efficiency in the maritime supply chain - with ports having to innovate to stay ahead of the competition.

A smart harbour is a fully automated port where all devices are connected via IoT using a network of smart sensors and actuators, wireless devices, and data centres to enable port authorities to deal with larger ships, ever-increasing volumes of freight - and to bring together the entire shipping and logistics supply chain ecosystem.

Key to the success of a smart harbour is a high-quality telecoms infrastructure.

At Telecom26, one of our specialties is IoT maritime connectivity and we’ve been busy investing in dedicated technology to enable maritime and smart port solutions.

We already offer a host of flexible global connectivity solutions for business critical and security critical applications, providing comprehensive, secure coverage, backed by a range of enhanced services that will help to drive the development of smart harbours.

In addition, we provide offshore and nearshore maritime cellular communications for ferries, cruise liners, fishing vessels and more. We also enable private networks, both onshore – for ports – and offshore, to provide capacity onboard.Private networks can be bridged with public networks, but with full control, enabling a cohesive but managed service to be delivered.

So, we’re right at the leading edge of designing and enabling such solutions and understand the challenges that IoT and 5G coverage will bring – as well as the opportunities. Amidst all the excitement generated by 5G, it’s important to note that we can already enable many of these services via LTE,which means you don’t need to wait to benefit from the latest innovations in maritime and smart port technology.

To learn more about Telecom26’s suite of IoT maritime connectivity and maritime cellular communications services please click here.

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