Mobile World Congress 2022 - Telecom26 will be there discussing IoT, maritime connectivity, 5G, our Global Roaming Service - to name but a few of our core services…
24 February 2022

Mobile World Congress 2022 - Telecom26 will be there discussing IoT, maritime connectivity, 5G, our Global Roaming Service - to name but a few of our core services…

24 February 2022

Time flies for our team of connectivity experts at Telecom26.  As a fully paid-up operator member of the GSMA, we actually did go to last year’s Mobile World Congress - and enjoyed the tranquility and the chance to visit the stands and chat with people from across the ecosystem to be honest! Something that we won’t have time to do this year that’s for sure.

The projected attendance numbers for Mobile World Congress 2022 are looking good and the GSMA is confident it will be another event to remember. According to Techradar, Samsung and Sony could have big announcements which we await with interest.

Our long-term partner Celerway is also attending the show and we will be discussing how our combined offering is providing yacht operators with high-capacity connectivity while on the move and crossing borders.

Telecom26’s Mobile World Congress 2022 Announcements

We will be showcasing our entire product portfolio including Global Data Connectivity, IoT, 5G, maritime and nearshore connectivity, Private Mobile Networks.

And, we’re excited to announce that we will launch the following during the show:

Our Upgraded 5G Service

As a global connectivity service provider, we have, of course, been tracking the progress of 5G for years - constantly assessing the needs of our customers, partners and prospects - and figuring out if they would actually benefit from having access to 5G networks around the world.

Following extensive testing of a number of 5G networks from operators around the world, we will be adding roaming 5G networks as soon as they are available to our Global Roaming Service which currently provides seamless coverage across 1100 cellular networks from over 650 mobile operators in more than 200 countries.

5G will be available to all our customers with the same pricing as our other services.  However, we will be staying true to our mission of providing the best, and most suitable, connectivity for our customers, 5G or otherwise.

You can read more about our approach to 5G here Ignore the hype about 5G and here 5G at Sea - is it necessary, desirable or cost-effective?

Our New Global Traveller Plan

Designed for demanding travellers, the Global Traveller plan is perfect for both professional and leisure users– anyone that needs reliable connectivity, at the right price.

It’s an all-inclusive package that offers full mobile connectivity, voice and messaging – with truly global coverage which will give you everything you need, based on the widest range of roaming agreements, spanning more than 200 countries and global networks – so you can get connected, wherever you are.

Upgrade of our Data Connect service

This provides low-cost, high data usage connectivity in the Caribbean and Midlle East regions. It’s optimised to provide a comprehensive ‘near-to-shore’ solution for data backhaul and is ideal for yachts, cruises and other vessels.

At Mobile World Congress we will also be discussing and demonstrating our:

  • eSIM Consumer and M2M

These support GSMA-certified M2M-eSIM platform (SMDP+/SMDP/SMSR) and are compliant with all GSMA Remote Provisioning standards.

eSIM M2M enables a greenfield M2M customer to deploy, run and manage an end-to-end M2M service.

They can integrate with any third party SMSR to provision third-party M2M eSIM-compatible devices

eSIM Consumer is a solution already in use by thousands of T26’s happy subscribers

  • Private Mobile Networks

We plan, enable, and manage secure private and semi-private mobile networks for any requirement, anywhere you need them. Self-contained, and with secure access to our global network, they are ideal for permanent, temporary or portable deployment.

Our private mobile networks are optimised for performance, ensuring they can deliver the assurance you need for a wide range of applications. From business critical to mission critical and beyond, we deliver.

More information available here.

Maritime Connectivity


With rates from €2/GB, Telecom26 offers global coverage for ships and offshore infrastructure, and ensures our customer can benefit from:

  • a single SIM for all regions, with 650+ nearshore agreements
  • ultra-competitive rates for UAE and Caribbean regions
  • automatic carrier and technology switching 
  • highly flexible management portal with access to all sub-accounts
  • complete control over your connectivity and customizable billing
  • significant cost savings and short-term, low-risk contracts
  • routers ready for super-fast 5G connectivity
  • no data throttling

Cellular at Sea

The best offer for offshore communication for crew members, also available on eSIM……..

So if you’ll also be at the next global must-attend event of the year, Mobile World Congress in Barcelona 28 Feb - 3 March in Hall 7, Stand 7G10 if you’d like to meet up in-person, please book a meeting.

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