MNO vs MVNO - Choosing the best global connectivity service provider for your international teams
6 May 2021

MNO vs MVNO - Choosing the best global connectivity service provider for your international teams

6 May 2021

Last year we looked at how The Rise of the Super MVNO is shaking up the mobile global connectivity market. Estimates are that by 2025 there will be around 2000 MVNOs operating in a market valued at >US$100 bn by 2025.

The benefits of using an MVNO vs MNO have traditionally been around price with MVNOs able to shop around for the best capacity deals. However, as with most industries, lower pricing too often comes at a cost to service.

Telecom26 operates as both a maritime MNO and a full global MVNO for terrestrial coverage. However, unlike most MVNOs, we do have a number of USPs which enable us to offer a service that matches, and, indeed in most cases, surpasses the offering of the big brand MNOs:

  • A razor sharp focus on our role as a global connectivity service provider providing international connectivity and roaming services.
  • We own and manage our own core network which provides us with independence from other MNOs, vital to ensure the highest level of security and data integrity. 
  • We have 350+ direct inbound roaming agreements which enable subscribers to roam onto both our maritime and private networks ensuring reliable full global coverage.
  • We provide our customers with access to 1100 cellular networks from over 620 mobile operators in 220 countries and territories.
  • We can customise our offering, and build routing profiles for each customer according to their needs and budget. For example, for organisations that are more price sensitive we can ensure that they automatically connect to the cheapest service in the area, rarely access expensive satellite links - and make the most of wifi for data-heavy up and downloads.

You can read more about how we built our Global Roaming Service in this earlier blog: Global Roaming - ensuring your team are always connected wherever they are in the world.

Connectivity Challenges

Put simply, if MNOs can’t - or won’t - provide the level of customer service and technical support needed then, most likely, there will be an MVNO snapping at their heels, hungry for your business and with a nimble with a can-do attitude.

And, if managing different network providers is a problem then what you need is a global connectivity service provider…like Telecom26, for example!

For our customers, our roaming service and global SIM cards, means that, as well as seamless global connectivity which connects them to the best available network wherever they are in the world, they have just one mobile phone contract with one bill, one point of contact and one set of SLAs.  

We offer a full range of connectivity options including 5G, LTE, WiFi, private networks, 2G, 3G and 4G, as well as offshore connectivity capabilities.

So please Get in touch to find out how Telecom26’s MVNO and global connectivity services can help keep your team connected, wherever they are in the world.

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