How Telecom26 is helping to track potential natural disasters including earthquakes, volcanoes and tsunamis
20 March 2024

How Telecom26 is helping to track potential natural disasters including earthquakes, volcanoes and tsunamis

20 March 2024

Science Direct, which publishes academic research on scientific, technical and health issues, recently ran this interesting piece: Managing natural disasters: An analysis of technological advancements, opportunities, and challenges.

The scientists observe what we all know already: Climate change increases the frequency and severity of natural disasters, making it more crucial than ever to prepare for and mitigate their effects”.

The paper contains “a thorough overview of the use of technology in the management of natural disasters” and “investigates the use of remote sensing, radars and satellite imaging, autonomous robots and drones, IoT, smartphones and social media in the administration of natural disasters such as earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, landslides, and tsunami”.

We recently wrote about how Telecom26 is providing global connectivity to help Italy’s National Institute of Geophysics and Volcanology (INGV) identify potential earthquakes, volcanoes and tsunamis before they occur.

INGV has monitoring stations across the world containing thousands of sensors and other terminals which require fast and reliable connectivity so that data can be shared in real-time with its researchers and analysts in Italy. 

Previously INGV had been using the networks of the four Italian operators to connect the monitoring stations. However, this approach was proving to be costly as multiple SIMs from the four providers were needed to provide coverage to remote installations.

Switching to Telecom26’s Global SIMs means that INGV’s devices can use its always-available global netwok wherever they are in the world. This means that technicians don’t need to manually change SIMs if the coverage from one network is poor.

In addition, INGV is saving money - and benefitting from the expertise of Telecom26’s service team. INGV can also easily manage its SIMs through Telecom26’s SIM management portal which provides real-time information about SIM usage.

Telecom26’s Global SIMs, sensors and IoT devices

Reliable connectivity is key to the success of many initiaives that use IoT devices, sensors, and indeed smartphones, to collect data and monitor situations. From rising lake levels, to the temperature of a factory, telemetry in vehicles, intelligent traffic lights  – and much, much more. This is where Telecom26 and our global eSIM and physical SIM cards come in.

Just one of our SIMs in a device:

  • Provides access to all of the networks covered by our global roaming service. 650+ mobile operators in 200+ countries and territories.
  • Removes the need to worry about the coverage of a single MNO, or the existence of roaming alliances. Our SIMs automatically select the best performing network in the area, cross-border, while providing enterprises with the freedom to change SIM profiles and services with ease.
  • Can be customised with routing profiles built for each IoT device according to a customer’s needs and budget. For example, for organisations that are more price sensitive we can ensure that our Global SIM cards automatically connect to the cheapest service in the area.

Device manufacturers, global connectivity and Telecom26

Far too often device manufacturers leave the connectivity component to the end-user or agency that deploys their device - and may well end up blaming the device rather than poor connectivity for project failure.

However, when a manufacturer decides to take greater control over the connectivity of its devices, it faces another challenge - it may not know where its device will end up and, even if it knows the country and can partner with a particular MNO, the device’s connectivity is still at the mercy of one operator with unreliable bandwidth and patchy connectivity very real possibilities.

And again this will leave the owner of the device left with the problem of juggling multiple SIMs across devices to find the strongest local network.

With a Telecom26 global SIM inserted into a device before it’s shipped these problems simply go away.

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