eSIMs, connected cars, fleet management and car leasing
25 October 2022

eSIMs, connected cars, fleet management and car leasing

25 October 2022

Fleet management and telematics is a key vertical for our team of eSIM and global connectivity experts.  We have already built-up extensive experience providing global connectivity to organisations across the automotive sector.

The thoughts of the analysts at Berg Insight are always worth a read as the company has been covering the fleet management and asset tracking market for 17 years. In its report Telematics for Rental and Leasing Fleets it predicts that the number of rental and leasing telematics systems in active use will reach 10.5 million in 2025.

Berg’s analysts give a neat description of telematics as

“The collection of information related to remote objects such as vehicles via telecommunications networks” and write that

“The introduction of telematics technology in the context of rental and leasing commonly support asset management and stolen vehicle tracking as well as carsharing and pay-per-mile business models. Solutions of the latter type generally enable automotive rental or leasing companies to differentiate their offerings to current and prospective clients.”

Berg says that car rental and leasing companies use telematics applications such as emergency call and roadside assistance, stolen vehicle tracking and recovery (SVT/SVR), vehicle diagnostics, convenience applications and usage-based pricing.

While today much of the connectivity that telematics needs is enabled by traditional SIMs, a growing number of devices are shipped with eSIM capabilities – enabling connection and service profiles to be delivered over the air and avoiding the need to change physical components of the in-vehicle communications system.

Telecom26 is able to provide global connectivity using both physical and eSIMs.

Connected Cars: Telecom26’s eSIMs provide global mobile connectivity to GlobalmatiX’s telematics service

GlobalmatiX is one of Telecom26’s flagship telematics customers. Its telematics boxes have been installed in thousands of vehicles worldwide to monitor all aspects of performance and driver behaviour - and provide remote vehicle diagnostics information to fleet managers in real-time. 

The data collected by the telematics boxes needs to be transmitted almost immediately to GlobalmatiX’s analysis cloud where it is aggregated, processed, analysed and prepared for examination by fleet owners.

The boxes must therefore be online 24/7/365.  Instead of traditional, device-based SIMs to enable connectivity to different mobile networks, Telecom26 provides GlobalmatiX with an eSIM solution, enabling the remote download of new profiles to each in-car device – and avoiding the complex task of physically replacing the previous SIM cards.

Previously GlobalmatiX had used the SIM cards of local operators but each card had to be manually inserted into each individual box and could only use the network of its home operator.  When the network went down, or the car moved into an area with little or no coverage - or outside the country - then connectivity wasn’t available. And, with roaming, costs could rise.

The Telecom26 solution

Telecom26’s Global Roaming Service also provides GlobalmatiX with a number of new features not available from other operators including:

  • Seamless coverage across 1100 cellular networks from over 650 mobile operators in more than 200 countries - and the ability to customise connectivity according to the budgets of GlobalmatiX’s customers.
  • Full control over its connectivity which enables it to offer different packages to its customers. For example, a real-time service which provides immediate data over the fastest networks is available as well as a package for which Telecom26 can provide optimised least cost roaming and routing.

You can read more about how our work with GlobalmatiX in this case study.  

Let’s hit the eSIM road together

As part of our series of papers on IoT Connectivity we have also written this paper Automotive IoT User Cases - Solving connectivity challenges for connected vehicles” which you can download from here.

To learn more about how Telecom26 can help improve efficiencies within your fleet of scooters, cars, vans, lorries, ferries and ships using IoT Connectivity, eSIMs and our global mobile network, please contact us.

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Next month Telecom26 will be attending these major international trade fairs:

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If you, or one of your team, will be at any of these shows and would like to discuss our eSIM and global connectivity services in-person then please get in touch so we can arrange a time to meet.

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