Asian Bank Chooses Telecom26 as its Global Mobile Connectivity Provider
22 June 2021

Asian Bank Chooses Telecom26 as its Global Mobile Connectivity Provider

22 June 2021

Demand for Telecom26’s services are at an all-time high with organisations of all sizes from across the world realising the benefits of using a global connectivity service provider.  Put simply, our global SIM cards provide seamless coverage across 1100 cellular networks from over 620 mobile operators in more than 220 countries.

One of our customers is a large Asian bank.  Employees travel regularly between the bank’s offices spread across 90 countries.  Their mobile connectivity was provided through the data roaming offering of the MNOs in the country where the bank is HQ’d - as well as Google Fi, an MVNO offering from Google.

Unfortunately, this arrangement resulted in high roaming charges for the bank as well as problems for its team which included limited network coverage, poor quality voice calls and slow data down/uploads.

The bank conducted a detailed analysis of the connectivity options available from across the industry including Tier I global MNOs to small satellite providers.   After an extensive evaluation, Telecom26 was chosen as the global connectivity provider.

Seamless Global Connectivity for Nomadic Team

Hundreds of the bank’s employees have now been issued Telecom26’s global SIM cards which were specifically developed to enable people to access the best available telephone networks wherever they are in the world. 

Once inserted into a device (phone, mifi, or router), Telecom26’s global SIM cards automatically access and seamlessly switch between multiple networks both in-country and across borders.  The global SIMs identify the network priorities based within each subscriber’s SIM profile for their locality and ensure that the user is always connected to any network based on coverage, quality or cost. 

For employees, they no longer need to worry about patchy coverage, switching SIM cards to find a stronger network, juggling multiple devices or finding a wifi hotspot.

For the bank, bill shock from excessive roaming charges has been eliminated.  A single price has been agreed to cover all data usage and the bank now has one point of contact and one set of SLAs for its global connectivity.  More importantly, all the transactions are detailed and provided on a single bill.

The Telecom26 Differences

Unlike most MVNOs, Telecom26 has a number of USPs which enable it to offer a service that matches, and indeed in most cases, surpasses the offering of the big brand MNOs including:

  • Owns and manages its own core network which provides independence from other MNOs, vital to ensure the highest level of security and data integrity. 
  • Provide its customers with access to 1100 cellular networks from over 620 mobile operators in 220 countries
  • Has 350+ direct inbound roaming agreements which enable subscribers to roam onto both maritime and private networks ensuring reliable full global coverage.
  • Can customise its offering and build routing profiles for each customer according to their needs and budget. For example, for organisations that are more price sensitive Telecom26 can ensure that they automatically connect to the cheapest service in the area, rarely access expensive satellite links - and make the most of wifi for data-heavy up and downloads.

Our message is clear:  In this day and age, connectivity should be ubiquitous and enterprises should not be paying exorbitant roaming charges.  Our global connectivity offering is perfect for businesses with employees who travel both at home and abroad.

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