Maritime IoTCustomised coverage for the digital ship

Secure cellular communications onboardOn-board comms and secure private networking

Our solutions are deployed to solve a wide range of challenges and specialised requirements. We have full control of connectivity, which means we can tailor solutions to deliver in any environment and domain.

Support critical communications for data-driven applications, as well as personal communications for crew and passengers. Optimise services to ensure uncompromising performance, ensuring consistency and reliability.

Choosing Telecom26 as your maritime communications partner means you secure the optimum solution, with full control – and benefit from 200 direct inbound roaming partners.

Offshore connectivity and secure networking

Telecom26 provides complete, managed solutions for connecting the digital ship, ensuring efficient communications in deep-water. We deliver a range of options, from SIMs and devices to private networks, delivering the connectivity your applications require.

  • Complete, on-board private network
  • SIMs to enable passenger communication
  • Ensure efficient digital operations
  • Flexible access for full control
  • Maintain morale and welfare
  • Advanced SIM security

On-board private networking

We can deliver a complete, on-board private network, enabling Wi-Fi and cellular access while at sea.

Satellite coverage ensures continuous breakout, while handover to shore networks is automatically enabled when in range. Backhaul selection and on-board routing.

Deliver crew and passenger services

Telecom26 provides complete solutions for your crew, ensuring connectivity to maintain welfare while at sea.

We can also provide SIMs to enable passenger communication, providing cost-effective solutions for global coverage and additional revenue opportunities.

Managed service for digital applications

Digital ships generate hundreds of Gigabytes of data each month. Managed connectivity is essential for collecting and distributing data for on-board and onshore processing.

We coordinate and optimise real / non-real-time communications to ensure efficient digital operations.

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