Why flexibility is 'key' when choosing IoT SIM cards
24 November 2021

Why flexibility is 'key' when choosing IoT SIM cards

24 November 2021

Flexibility is 'key' in any aspect of your business. As is resiliency and consistent connectivity. One might argue - the three are all equally important, but flexibility sticks out for us, as this is what we live and breathe. Telecom26 IoT SIM cards remove dependency on a single mobile operator or network provider. 

Our Multi-IMSI SIMs are both advanced and intelligent; they can automatically select the best performing network, all the while extending users the freedom to change SIM profiles and services with ease. In practicality, this has massive implications for businesses that take on new hires, have people moving around, and those simply in need the flexibility of reliable, global mobile data coverage at a low, fixed rate.

A lot of our features are also available out of the box, meaning no extra money for the features you should already be able to access. All this leads to a reduction in SIM management and the overhead associated with hiring folks solely to manage dozens, hundreds, or even thousands of profiles. 

In today's dynamic business landscape, that is not only NOT sustainable, but it is also not practical, nor is it necessary. 

Our IoT SIM Cards are also programmable over the air (OTA) meaning, remote-working administrators can push out updates and more from the comfort of wherever they are in the world, no longer tethered to a physical office space. 

How to choose the best IoT SIM Cards

As we stated earlier, flexibility is king. If we've learned anything over the past nearly 24 months, continuity and connectivity are what makes a business run. There are also two other (meager) elements called customer experience and satisfaction. 

In all seriousness, these two terms hold a lot of weight for those in business hoping to do well. 

Our One Sim for global coverage provides enhanced connectivity in the most remote areas, ensuring no matter where the employee is - they remain connected. If that is a connected device in the Amazon - we can also make sure you have connectivity. 

You also want to ensure there's dedicated and localised support in local languages. And while you're at it, why not have a single point of contact? There's nothing more annoying than getting a different person each time you reach out to customer support - only to have to explain issues over and over. 

With our IoT SIM Cards, you gain access to 24x7x365 service. 

Security is also paramount when selecting IoT SIM Cards, as you want to ensure your fleet of connected devices stays secure from unwanted intruders who seek valuable consumer and competitive data. And our secure independent architecture, one based on 3GPP-compliant infrastructure, with Tier-1, carrier-grade performance.

To top it off, you gain access to APIs for business process integration and a comprehensive interface to fully manage all your IoT devices.

Don't Forget the ESIM

Speaking of flexibility, many companies are today; seeking more and more of it. Why have the limitation of a single carrier when you could very well get an eSIM? This kind of IoT SIM Card supports multiple mobile carriers - unlike traditional IoT SIM Cards which support a single mobile carrier. 

In choosing this option, you can eliminate something quite cumbersome, the physical SIM swap. Our eSIMs offer a standardised approach for the remote network programming of networks, and the best part is - you don't have to choose between physical and eSIMs because we offer both. 

Lots to consider when selecting IoT SIM Cards

So, we've taken you through the ins and outs of what to look out for when selecting IoT SIM Cards, and it turns out - there's a lot to be on the lookout for and to consider. 

This is why our helpful sales team is here, we are available to answer any/all questions you might have, and our goal - always to provide white-glove service as we value our customers and their customers’ happiness, too. 

Find out more about our pricing, payment structure, and a lot more here. We are sure you won't regret choosing one of our SIMs - so much so, you can test it out before you buy it. Visit our website to find out more on how to arrange a free IoT trial. 

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