The Telecom26 Celerway router helps to drive efficiency and boost safety in the Mining industry
25 March 2020

The Telecom26 Celerway router helps to drive efficiency and boost safety in the Mining industry

25 March 2020

The new Telecom26 Celerway multi-IMSI SIM Router ensures safety for miners, while connecting the entire supply chain above ground 

One of the main issues for underground mining companies is that cellular coverage cannot penetrate into the mine. Yet, reliable and secure connectivity throughout a mine is essential for not only ensuring the safety of miners, but also for monitoring the entire supply chain in order to optimise efficiency and operating profits. So, what’s the solution?

What’s needed is a solution that can is optimised for variable connectivity and with proactive assurance monitoring to ensure that it always connects to the best available network. That’s what the new Telecom26 Celerway multi-IMSI SIM Router offers. It provides outstanding Quality of Service (QoS) because the it uses two modems, each with multi-IMSI SIMs, so that while one is serving connectivity, the other is constantly scanning for optimum coverage. If the existing network QoS drops, the router then automatically and seamlessly switches to the best possible QoS on a different network, without any impact on the end user.

It provides the highest levels of coverage, reliability, security, flexibility and functionality required for each of the critical communications categories and the corresponding vertical markets they serve, including: 5G connectivity; eSIM / eUICC; robust, remote site connectivity; continuous connectivity; and, private networks.

The router is equally at home underground – where reliable connectivity is essential – as it is above ground. Because the modem router is able to switch seamlessly between private and public networks, it can be easily configured to connect to a private underground network, where it can monitor traffic, collision avoidance for trucks and carts, air pumps and fans, and the location and safety of personnel, for example.

At the same time, it enables full mining operations above ground, providing connectivity via either public or private network, or both – and even satellite for backhaul.

It allows mines to expand coverage, ensure signal penetration throughout the mine underground, and collect and report information from sensors. The router provides fully redundant connectivity with centralised communications control and complete visibility of the entire network underground.

The router enables the interconnection of large remote and rural sites with all company assets connected via a single secure network, covering the port, rail, field camp, and central office. It therefore brings together the entire mining operation, by providing complete service and device management, satellite redundancy, smart port and/or nearshore overage, remote office and MPLS.

For example, port facilities can be connected to the network so that mining companies can monitor when container ships arrive and supplies are being offloaded. Likewise, a nearby railway station or terminal could be connected using multiple connectivity technologies to help optimise supply and demand.

Together, this flexible and reliable connectivity can improve efficiency and provide a picture of the mineral supply across the entire journey, from start to finish, as well as company assets and personnel. Of course, the router can monitor the assets all the way to their final destination.

It can also connect head office with remote mining areas with dedicated MPLS links, with remote management and administration capabilities. Furthermore, the router can connect and monitor environmental sensors, ensuring that companies meet their corporate responsibility obligations.

The Telecom26 Celerway router combines best-in-breed hardware supported by services from the world’s leading connectivity provider, and can be easily applied to multiple verticals without the need for special modification or additional components.

It offers a fully managed service offering in a single package with the ability to securely access multiple technologies, including 2G, 3G, 4G LTE, WiFi, NBIoT, and Satellite networks. Get in touch to find out more.

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