The role of 5G and eSIMs for international travellers
25 January 2023

The role of 5G and eSIMs for international travellers

25 January 2023

This paper The Future of Travel Mobility A Vodafone whitepaper prepared by Juniper Research talks about how “5G networks and eSIMs are shaping the future of travel mobility” and “addresses two key questions:

  • What does the future of travel mobility look like in a post-pandemic world?
  • What are some of the opportunities shaping the future of travel mobility over the next five years?

The report identifies “significant new opportunities ahead for the travel mobility market” with “demand for roaming data anticipated to grow by 10% to 20% over the next five years”.

As Telecom26 provides both eSIMs and 5G connectivity to customers across the world, we were interested to read that more than 180 mobile operators worldwide, including 96 MNOs and 88 MVNOs surveyed by Juniper agree with us that the rollout of eSIMs and 5G networks are key to improving connectivity for people as they travel around the world.  The report says that:

“eSIMs, self-management portals and shared data roaming packages will create an appealing value proposition for international travellers” and

“The increasing adoption of 5G services amongst mobile subscribers is likely to further bolster the demand for roaming data”. However, data sharing and family roaming packages will be key as the average number of devices per subscriber increases”.

Telecom26’s eSIM service

We’re an independent, global mobile operator, with our own network core and operational assets. 

We are strongly committed to driving the transition to eSIM which we know will lower operational costs, reduce friction and enhance choice for M2M / IoT, consumer and business customers.

As a result, we offer a complete range of solutions, enabling the remote provisioning of eSIM-capable devices from our GSMA-certified and compliant platforms.  This includes the full range – eUICC (the ‘e’ version of the Universal Integrated Chip Card that’s at the heart of the eSIM solution), as well as bootstrap and operational profiles, and the profile enabling and management infrastructure in the form of SMDP and SMSR capabilities.

You can read more about our eSIM offering in this blog:  eSIMs - The market opportunity and using Telecom26’s eSIMs on our global roaming service

As well as international travellers, the team of experts at Telecom26 expect demand for our eSIM service to come from a variety of sectors including:

  • Shipping, freight and logistics sectors including cargo companies which are starting to use eSIMs to track vehicle movements and maintenance as well as the condition of goods.

All Telecom26’s eSIM cards can use the 5G networks that are part of our global network.

Telecom26 now offers 5G in 50+ countries with more being added once we have tested them and are satisfied with the service.  5G is available to all our customers with eSIM and physical SIMs with the same pricing as our other services so there are no extra charges or hidden costs. 

You can read more about our 5G network here

Telecom26’s Global Roaming Service

Telecom26 provides a flexible global roaming data solution that complements the existing contracts of customers.  Our solution is a second, data-only subscription that provides flexibility and global coverage options alongside your primary subscription, while giving access to cost-effective data while abroad. By using our eSIM for data, all problems relating to logistics are eliminated – and you can keep your existing subscription and simply switch to Telecom26 when you need to. Benefits include:

  • eSIM connectivity from just €2/GB
  • eSIM based with data-pooling for the whole team
  • Simple activation
  • Keep your existing contract and add Telecom26
  • Change at any time
  • Use primary number
  • VPN and security on demand

Read more about our global roaming service here.

Catching-up in-person

We will be at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona from 27 February – 2 March and will be launching several new services and discussing lots of other global and maritime connectivity subjects including:

  • Our growing global network of 5G partners
  • Our eSIM packages – Telecom26 provides a complete range of eSIM and eUICC solutions that enable seamless profile delivery and management and remove the need to ship and deploy physical SIMs

If you’d like to arrange to meet there then please book a meeting. 

Or if you’d like a call to discuss our 5G, IoT, global connectivity and maritime connectivity services can help improve connectivity for your devices, then please contact us.

Telecom26 is a full operator member of the GSMA and the ITU.

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