The best possible coverage, reliability, security, flexibility and functionality for any vertical market
4 March 2020

The best possible coverage, reliability, security, flexibility and functionality for any vertical market

4 March 2020

Different vertical markets have multiple specific and unique requirements, but when it comes to communications, they all have the same essential need – reliable, secure and flexible connectivity, whether over a public or private network. Furthermore, many require the ability to seamlessly switch not only between networks when on the move, but also between connectivity technologies in a secure and reliable fashion without any loss of QoS.

The new Telecom26 Celerway multi-IMSI SIM router provides a fully managed service offering in a single package with the ability to securely access multiple technologies, including 2G, 3G, 4G LTE, WiFi, NB-IoT, and Satellite networks.

The router maintains the best possible QoS because it comprises two modems, each with multi-IMSI SIMs, so that while one is serving connectivity, the other is constantly scanning for optimum coverage. If the secondary SIM finds an assigned network with a higher quality of service, then it seamlessly switches to become the primary network, and the other takes over the role of scanning. All of this occurs without any impact on the end user.

But the real benefit of the solution is that it can be applied to any vertical market, without the need for customisation or additional components.

Telecom26 has a single billing relationship that supports multiple routes to each network provider in the region, including neighbouring country operators. Neither does it matter whether connectivity is required within a public or private network. Preferences can be assigned to the SIM according to the end user, who retains full control over network switching priorities, whether based on cost, QoS or private vs. public, and so on.

It provides automatic selection of the best performing network, while giving the customer freedom to change SIM profiles and services with ease and at will.

The router provides a number of key use cases, including robust, remote site connectivity, continuous connectivity, private networks, 5G connectivity, and eSIM / eUICC for remote management and provisioning.

The router is available from Telecom26 in three different models, each optimised for specific verticals:

Cirrus                                                         Pileus                                                        Arcus

M2M & IoT                                                  Maritime                                                     Maritime

Digital Signage                                           Construction                                              Broadcasting

Retail                                                          Enterprise                                                  First Responder

Logistics                                                     Retail                                                         Transportation


The benefits across multiple verticals are clear. Let’s take a few examples. In cold chain logistics, for instance, the router can improve operational efficiency by monitoring and enabling connected vehicle utilisation, diagnostics, safety and compliance systems.

For business-critical purposes, the solution seamlessly interconnects and switches between private and public networks ensuring end-to-end connectivity, at every point in the journey. Meanwhile, in maritime it provides seamless connectivity whether in port, nearshore or at sea.

The benefits in transportation cover not only logistics and IoT, but also vehicle and driver monitoring, environmental impact, traffic status, and much more. Healthcare diagnostics can benefit from point of care testing, clinical decision support, syndromic monitoring, disease outbreak surveillance and much more.

From mining to retail, the Telecom26 Celerway multi-IMSI SIM router offers a fully managed, end-to-end service offering in a single package with the ability to securely access multiple connectivity technologies. It can even provide the same level of service for mines, above and below ground.

End-to-end security, of course, is integral and covers the network, connectivity, applications, operating systems, devices and SIMs.

For a single connectivity solution, ensuring best possible connectivity on and between public and private networks, for any vertical, get in touch to find out more about the Telecom26 Celerway Modem Router.

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