Telecom26 provides global connectivity and eSIMs to Ocorian
8 March 2024

Telecom26 provides global connectivity and eSIMs to Ocorian

8 March 2024

…Telecom26’s Global SIM cards ensure connectivity across the networks of 650+ mobile operators globally…

Telecom26 today announced that it is providing its Enterprise Data Extra global connectivity service to the staff of Ocorian, a financial services company that has 1500 employees across 20+ offices throughout Europe, Africa, Middle East, Asia and the Americas. 

Previously, Ocorian’s employees used standard mobile operator roaming services or bought packages from travel SIM companies when they were away for work. Both options were expensive and often accompanied by poor coverage, unreliable speeds and minimal to no customer service.

Ocorian realised that to keep its team connected while they were away, they needed to move to a global mobile operator which could guarantee connectivity everywhere at a cost-effective price.

After conducting a thorough search for a global connectivity provider, and a free Telecom26 evaluation, Ocorian decided to move to Telecom26’s Enterprise Data Extra service, which was specifically designed to meet the needs of business travellers - providing cost- effective, dependable, secure mobile data connectivity when they are travelling for work.

Ocorian’s team are now able to download and use Telecom26’s eSIMs, which are automatically activated when users travel abroad, switching back to their domestic operator when they return home.

Telecom26’s SIMs can access more than 650 mobile operators in 200+ countries and territories. They automatically switch between networks to ensure the best, and most cost-effective, coverage.

Ocorian has already reduced its roaming costs by more than 75%, directly from the Telecom26 eSIM. In addition, use of Telecom26 has enabled additional savings through tighter spending caps and more cost-effective local carrier contracts.

In addition, Ocorian can now easily manage its SIMs through Telecom26’s SIM management portal which provides real-time information about SIM usage. Ocorian also benefits from pro-active customer support from Telecom26’s service team.

Owen Jones, Infrastructure Programme Manager at Ocorian Financial Services, said “Moving to Telecom26’s service has been a big win for everyone at Ocorian.  The eSIMs are very easy to download and then automatically activate when users arrive in a different country. Knowing that they will have connectivity is a great relief for our business travellers.

All of the Telecom26 team have been very helpful, supportive and responsive. Many thanks to Telecom26 for the outstanding service”.

Nicola Berardocco, CEO of Telecom26, said “Global businesses like Ocorian need their teams to remain connected when they are abroad.  Smaller global operators like Telecom26 are clearly more than capable of providing a better experience for organisations like Ocorian than the household names”.

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