Telecom26 IoT router for continuous connectivity on the move to launch at MWC 2020
11 February 2020

Telecom26 IoT router for continuous connectivity on the move to launch at MWC 2020

11 February 2020

Telecom26 and Celerway announce the launch of a collaborative router that combines the robust software design of Celerway’s device management, proven cellular modem hardware and Telecom26’s connectivity and services management. The Telecom26 IoT router provides a fully managed service offering in a single package with the ability to securely access multiple technologies, including 2G, 3G, 4G LTE, Wi-Fi, NB-IoT, and Satellite networks.

By combining network connectivity from multiple service providers and infrastructure options, such as 4G LTE, Fibre and VSAT, the router supports simultaneous connections of up to two separate mobile networks and 8 broadband networks, all of which can be load-balanced independently.

The router offers the best Quality of Service (QoS) because the Telecom26 IoT solution uses two modems, each with multi-IMSI SIMs, so that while one is serving connectivity, the other is constantly scanning for optimum coverage. If the existing network coverage or QoS drops, the router automatically and seamlessly switches to the best possible QoS on a different network, without any impact on the end user.

One of the biggest challenges with standard mobile network service is that it can be dynamic in nature, with unpredictable QoS issues. The Telecom26 IoT solution eliminates this problem as it provides the unique ability to enable constant mobile connectivity with the highest QoS available by automatically scanning and serving the best possible available network to every device.

In remote regions, coverage and quality from a single operator can be patchy, with data connections or even entire networks often dropping out, leaving an area with no service. The Telecom26 IoT solution with multi-IMSI SIMs makes it easy for users to combine connectivity solutions through a single service provider using a variety of infrastructure options.

Routers connected to a single operator go in and out of coverage when moving between coverage areas, especially when crossing a border. The router regularly scans and request the best configuration according to current location, resulting in the router connecting to the best two available networks. Telecom26 has a single billing relationship that supports multiple routes to each network provider in the region, including neighbouring country operators.

If, for any reason, there is a data connectivity issue with the primary network – for example, data loss, network drop, coverage gap, roaming interconnection issue – then the router automatically and seamlessly switches traffic to the secondary network without any impact on the end user. 

The router will then initiate a scan automatically and, before any disruption of service, notify Telecom26 of the issue. It then requests a new configuration according to the RF environment. Once received the router will connect and verify connectivity across the remaining networks to ensure that fallback connectivity is returned. All transpiring in micro-seconds with no service disruption to the end user’s application.

The router regularly scans and tests network connectivity so that once the situation is resolved the configuration returns to its primary serving network state. Additionally, as roaming relationships and connectivity change, the router adjusts accordingly, providing continuous connectivity for devices on the move.

In addition to improving service continuity and quality, the Telecom26 IoT solution also eliminates any single point of failure – if one network fails, the router ensures that another takes over seamlessly, with full control through the cloud management system, meaning that the Telecom26 IoT router can provide continuous connectivity on the move.

Key benefits of the Telecom26 Celerway router:

  • Mobile network scan automatically selects the best network according to customer profile
  • Telecom26 multi-IMSI SIM enables coverage and service aggregation
  • Service management via Telecom26 subscription portal
  • Remote router administration using Nimbus dashboards
  • Multi-forms of connectivity from wireless to fixed broadband as well as VSAT
  • Fault-tolerant and load-balanced connectivity across multiple networks and technologies

The Telecom26 IoT router is a result of how Telecom26’s Innovations Programme brings ideas to life.  The IoT router was a collaborative effort between Telecom26 and Celerway, through which each company’s core strengths were leveraged to construct and introduce a unique solution to the market.

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