Shipping Is Broken. How Maritime Cellular Communications and Nearshore Connectivity Can Fix It
12 November 2021

Shipping Is Broken. How Maritime Cellular Communications and Nearshore Connectivity Can Fix It

12 November 2021

The skies around us have been alight with fireworks to celebrate Diwali and the Brits in our team were also letting off rockets to ‘celebrate’ Guy Fawkes, meanwhile our team of maritime cellular communications and nearshore connectivity experts were discussing this: Shipping is broken. Here’s how to fix it, an assessment of the ongoing issues faced by the US’ logistics industry.

We’re glad that the fireworks let off last week weren’t stuck in a container outside a port as discussed in the article:

Manufacturing bottlenecks and shipping delays have resulted in cargo piling up not only in port terminals but also in rail yards and warehouses. Critical equipment, like shipping containers and truck chassis, is unavailable, causing distribution centers to develop deep backlogs. Meanwhile, a surge in demand has strained the system even further”.

The author suggests numerous measures to get things moving again including unclogging ports by:

  • rerouting more cargo to other ports on the West Coast
  • encouraging truck drivers who are coming to pick up a new container to drop off an empty one at the same time.

In the long-term, re-routing and flexible truck movements will be made far easier with the rollout of Smart Containers so that the exact location of a container is always available.  This previous blog delves into this in more detail:  Smart Containers - How Ever Given Will Speed Up Industry-Wide Rollout.

Key to the success of Smart Containers is fast and always-on maritime connectivity achieved by maritime cellular communications and nearshore connectivity. This will enable information sharing about a container’s location - and the condition of its contents - in real-time.

Telecom26’s Nearshore Connectivity and Maritime Cellular Communications Services

We are a maritime mobile operator and providing always-available voice and data connectivity for vessels of all shapes and sizes is one of Telecom26’s core services.

Whether it’s a ship travelling from China to Europe laden with containers, or a sunny Sunday on a yacht, our Global Roaming Service - which uses maritime cellular communications and nearshore connectivity - is all that’s needed to stay connected.

The size of the vehicles, their cargo and the number of seafarers might be widely different but they have a few things in common. They are tired of exorbitant roaming charges. Tired of having to change SIMs or switch phones when they cross borders.  Tired of patchy service. Tired of multiple bills from different providers.

Our Global SIMs provide a very simple way to provide data to all onboard devices via cellular data links. By onboard devices we mean Wi-Fi routers, container sensors, IoT networks and any system process that needs to connect to the internet, to a remote server or monitor.

Christmas Is Coming…

…and the team of maritime and nearshore connectivity experts at Telecom26 have a special gift for seafarers of all shapes and sizes who want - and need - to improve their connectivity whilst in-port or out at sea.

For a limited time, Telecom26 is offering a special introductory offer for nearshore cellular connectivity.  New and existing customers can sign up to our nearshore connectivity service – and get up to two months for free!

Our new paper is also a bargain - Nearshore Services A short guide to nearshore cellular services - and can be downloaded for free.

And, if you’d like to discuss how our maritime connectivity and maritime cellular communications services can support ship to shore data services, as well as crew welfare while at sea through our cellular at sea solutions, then please get in touch.

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