Managing Physical and eSIMs Made Easy
28 September 2021

Managing Physical and eSIMs Made Easy

28 September 2021

At Telecom26 we love discussing our Global SIM Cards and Global Roaming Service, evaluating the market and planning for the future.  In recent blogs we have discussed how the industry, handset manufacturers and MNOs are all figuring out the opportunities and benefits of eSIMs, as well as our first major delivery of eSIMs -  for the in-car fleet management systems of GlobalmatiX, a rising star in the telematics industry.

In this week’s blog we’ll highlight the main tips covered in our recent paper SIM Management Made Easy which you can download here. 

It’s one thing managing a few remote devices, but if you have thousands being used by staff, IoT devices and M2M, then they need to be easy to manage and control.

People in IT Comms teams charged with managing devices and containing costs dream about having real-time information about status and usage needs available from a single SIM management portal that puts everything at their fingertips.

The GSMA has produced a handy one-pager that defines SIM Management as “the management of a profile and a subscription, as well as the capability to utilise the SIM’s secure client to store confidential information, such as user identity information, payment credentials, biometrics for authentication or other personal information, such as health or other records.

The Global SIM team at Telecom26 spent a lot of time looking at what the perfect SIM management portal looks like for customers of our Global Roaming Service.  Our IoT Console is the result, a one-stop-shop for our customers to use if they want to actively manage the Telecoms26 Global SIM cards used within their organisations.

The Telecom26 IoT Console

There are a few different areas where our console can help:

  • Management of Costs - our Global SIM packages provide fixed rates for customers to access hundreds of networks and enable managers to drill down into costs per SIM, per country and per device – enabling at-a-glance cost tracking and management.
  • Managing Data Usage - it’s easy to view data, voice and SMS activity and to change and manage plans and subscriptions.
  • Providing Insight and Intelligence - performance, real-time and historic data is available in a single place enabling balances to be transferred across devices for cost optimisation.
  • Networks - Telecom26’s Global SIM cards provide seamless coverage across 1100 cellular networks from over 620 mobile operators in more than 220 countries. Through the console, we are completely transparent about the networks that are being used by individuals SIMs.

Telecom26’s Global Roaming Service

At the hard of our Global Roaming Service are our Global SIM Cards which enable one SIM - physical or e - to access 1100 cellular networks from over 620 mobile operators in 220 countries.

Our global SIMs remove the need to worry about the coverage of a single MNO, or the existence of roaming alliances. Multiple-IMSI profiles are pre-loaded (and remotely configurable) on every SIM allowing for simple reconfiguration if the primary network has poor or no service.

Our Multi-IMSI global SIMs automatically select the best performing network in the area, cross-border, while providing you with the freedom to change SIM profiles and services with ease.

In a nutshell, Telecom26 enables data connectivity, anywhere - so that your people and their devices can connect to the best available network, regardless of location: essential if you are delivering at scale and in multiple countries.

For our customers, our roaming service and global SIM cards, means that, as well as seamless connectivity, they have just one mobile phone contract with one bill, one point of contact and one set of SLAs.

For more information about how Telecom26 built its Global Roaming Service, please visit: Global Roaming - ensuring your team are always connected wherever they are in the world.

And to learn more about how Telecom26 can help improve connectivity for your team please Get In Touch.

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