IoT device management solutions simplify and automate the management of the Internet of Things
12 January 2022

IoT device management solutions simplify and automate the management of the Internet of Things

12 January 2022

It’s one thing managing a few remote devices, but if you have thousands being used by staff, IoT devices and M2M, then they need to be easy to manage and control with real-time information about status and usage available, in a single place so you can really understand your device fleet, as it grows. A thorough IoT device management strategy is required.

The GSMA has produced a handy one-pager that defines SIM Management - and hence IoT device management - as “the management of a profile and a subscription, as well as the capability to utilise the SIM’s secure client to store confidential information, such as user identity information, payment credentials, biometrics for authentication or other personal information, such as health or other records”.

This IoT device management strategy must, of course, include the growing number of eSIMs that are being deployed as well as, and sometimes instead of, physical SIMs. Something we discussed last year in this blog: how the industry, handset manufacturers and MNOs are all figuring out the opportunities and benefits of eSIMs,

People in IT Comms teams charged with managing devices and containing costs dream about having real-time information about status and usage needs available from a single IoT device management portal that puts everything at their fingertips.

The IoT device management team at Telecom26 spent a lot of time looking at what the perfect IoT device management portal looks like - and the tools that asset managers need to manage their growing SIM fleet.

The T26 IoT Console - our IoT device management platform

Our console allows organisations to actively manage its IoT devices through

  • Accounting
  • Consumption
  • Troubleshooting
  • Insight
  • Observations
  • Network

Accounting - Providing Full Financial Control For Your Business through our IoT device management platform.

One of the most important reasons for choosing a single provider of global connectivity - Telecom26, for example - is to ensure effective cost control. By selecting one partner, you avoid the headache of negotiating with many.

So, you need to be able to secure deep visibility into your costs and accounts – and take control of your expenditure.

T26 IoT Console provides everything you need to see balances and to drill down into costs, per SIM, per country and per account under your ownership.

Not only can you see all relevant financial reports in one place, you can also take control of your subscriptions

Consumption - Track Service Usage with Interactive reporting through our IoT device management platform.

Understanding the data you consume is paramount. You need to know whether SIMs are consuming the expected levels of data, or whether they are responsible for unusual levels of activity – and on which plan.

You also need to know if you’re using the right network, so you can take action and override any settings in the portal, depending on your plan and subscription.

If you have multiple services – SMS and voice as well as data – you also need to track these.

T26 IoT Console shows you what’s happening, providing granular reporting, with configurable views to obtain the insights you need.

Trouble Shooting - Manage SLAs AND KPIs through our IoT device management platform

Ensuring effective service delivery requires effective service assurance. So, you need the ability to discover information about your SIMs and the networks to which they are attached.

Issues can include problems with the local network, security threats and more, so the fingertip control the console offers ensures that you stay informed and can take the right actions – such as remotely disabling a device.

Insight - Business Intelligence to Help Grow and Enhance Performance through our IoT device management platform.

Insights and intelligence are crucial to how you manage, assure and grow your business. You need to be able to obtain insights from the field regarding your remote resources, so that you can review and track KPIs, monitor and maintain SLAs for your customers, and use fresh intelligence to ensure continual process improvements.

Another key advantage to be gained from working with a single provider of network connectivity and SIM services is that you can avoid the pain of working with multiple providers.

Instead of searching for insights from lots of different places, T26 IoT Console brings everything you need into a single pane of glass, so you can review performance – backed by real-time and historic data sets.

Observations through our IoT device management platform.

As your fleet of SIMs grows, it’s essential to understand what they are doing. Where are they? What are they doing? You need to be able to see, at a glance, the activities of all of your SIMs, at any given moment and from all locations.

T26 IoT Console provides full operational access to all your deployed SIMs, as your fleet grows, enabling your team to have full control, backed by accurate reports from the field.

Your operations team can take charge, backed by automated, configurable alerts.

Networks - Review and Control Network Services through our IoT device management platform

With so many networks available, it’s essential to understand how your SIMs are connected in every country where they are deployed, so you can monitor connectivity and track performance.

From the T26 IoT Console, you can see the networks to which your SIMs are connected, and the rates charged, so you can make informed decisions to manage connectivity

Depending on your plan, you can change the network manually, or integrate with our API to create your own rules.

IoT Device Management - the Telecom26 way

Put simply, the Telecom26 IoT device management portal provides everything you need to manage all your IoT devices, globally and in real-time.

And, not forgetting that our IoT device management portal is the route to managing Telecom26’s Global SIM cards provide seamless coverage across 1100 cellular networks from over 620 mobile operators in more than 220 countries. Through the console, we are completely transparent about the networks that are being used by individuals SIMs.

For more information about our IoT device management portal, and to download our free paper SIM Management Made Easy - How To Control and Configure Your IoT Device Fleet, please click here.

And to learn more about how Telecom26 can help with IoT device management, as well as all your other global connectivity needs, please Get In Touch.

Telecom26 is a full operator member of the GSMA and the ITU.

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