IoT Connectivity in Africa - the success of System One
2 December 2021

IoT Connectivity in Africa - the success of System One

2 December 2021

As an independent, global mobile operator with our very-own network core and operational assets, we tend to leverage our relationships with more than 1,100 network connections and 650 unique mobile operators. 

We do so to secure unrivaled global coverage for our expansive network of customers and partners, extending a wide variety of telecom services and connectivity options; including, 5G, where it is available. In other areas of the world - folks rely on LTE, WiFi, NB-IoT, private networks, 2G, 3G, 4G, along with satellite and offshore connectivity capabilities to fuel their IoT devices. 

We took that concept to Africa, enabling another kind of IoT Connectivity in Africa. Telecom26 got chosen to provide connectivity to SystemOne’s New Digital Healthcare Programmes in Angola and Nigeria to enable real-time diagnosis and treatment to help control the spread of COVID, Ebola, Tuberculosis, Malaria, and HIV. 

Long-term partner and customer, SystemOne, selected us to power new healthcare clinics across Angola and Nigeria. Already working together in Ghana, Mozambique, and Zimbabwe - SystemOne has tested more than 1.3 million blood samples for Tuberculosis, HIV, and COVID-19, leveraging our trusted Telecom26 network to power this unique form of IoT Connectivity in Africa. 

So how does it work? 

It all starts with reliable connectivity, an essential component of our digital health offering in conjunction with SystemOne. We then leverage our advanced IoT networks a speed up diagnosis and treatment, with the express goal of reducing the spread of some of the world’s most infectious diseases, ones that we can avoid with proper (and speedy) detection, treatment, and prevention measures. 

SystemOne’s latest digital healthcare initiative in Nigeria taps a custom-built app to track the delivery of results, treatment initiation, and the recovery progress of patients with infectious diseases. 

These tests can provide a speedy diagnosis, enabling patients to start treatment earlier. This might improve potential outcomes and allow for measures to prevent the uncontrolled transmission of these infectious and often deadly diseases.

Likely the biggest perk of the system is the faster turnaround time for lab results, which could lead to a decrease in the spread of notably infectious diseases.

The key to our success in Africa

That comes down to network reliability, which enables ultra-fast delivery of test results when time matters most, ultimately enabling IoT connectivity in Africa in one of its various forms and use cases. 

The key to the success of SystemOne’s digital health and real-time diagnostic programs across Africa is reliable connectivity; the speed of diagnosis and treatment - elements that often mean the difference between life and death when it comes to many forms of infectious diseases. 

We all know that unreliable bandwidth and patchy connectivity have had a resounding impact on many aspects of life, including education, work, and even health - and that can impact industries like Telehealth efforts across the globe. 

What we have traditionally done is allow NGOs to purchase local SIMs to provide device connectivity. This is often, and rather unfortunately - limiting. Using this method, organisations typically gain access to a single network, meaning they have to do a lot of magic tricks to juggle multiple SIMs across devices. 

All this; to merely locate what is considered the 'strongest' local network. 

We feel that we must further enable IoT Connectivity in Africa as the need on the continent is great - and we have the tools to enable IoT Connectivity in Africa as it is what we were built to do. 

It's what we do

We developed each of Telecom26’s Global SIM cards and routers with a specific vision in mind. We wanted to improve connectivity in remote and rural areas all over the world. 

Our Global SIM card and router solution not only enables devices to automatically access and switch between multiple cellular networks and any Wi-Fi or LAN - but we can do this almost anywhere in the world. What's more, we can do this both in-country and across borders to ensure that our customers leverage only the best performing service at a given time.

To give you an example of the incredible lengths we go through to ensure IoT connectivity in Africa, in nations like Angola, SystemOne’s medical devices connect via a router using Wi-Fi or LAN to our mobile broadband, ensuring that critical services stay online. 

Join us as we continue to enable IoT Connectivity in Africa and stay up to date on our efforts in the region.

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