GPS Global selects Telecom26 AG as connectivity partner for Fleet tracking management service across South America
4 February 2018

GPS Global selects Telecom26 AG as connectivity partner for Fleet tracking management service across South America

4 February 2018

Zug Switzerland – 26 February 2018 – GPS Global selects Telecom26 as their connectivity partner for expanding their fleet GPS Global logo
management tracking business across the South American continent, using Telecom26’s global multi-IMSI M2M SIMs.

The importance of the multi-network Global Smart SIM means that if a vehicle cannot connect on one network, the Global Smart SIM will automatically connect to the next available network to eliminate coverage issues. The connectivity solution ensures that multiple networks are covered in each country, so the customer vehicles can pass through multiple countries and poor coverage areas without disruption to the connectivity service.

Telecom26 AG is the world's leading global connectivity partner with an unparalleled 900+ roaming partners. Telecom26’s connectivity platform is designed for near guaranteed data connectivity worldwide and engineered for reliability, control and customisation; therefore, the network reach and multi IMSI Global Smart SIM are purpose built for use in the fleet management tracking industry.

GPS Global CEO, Sebastian Vicuna, stated that the combination of Telecom26’s network reach, Global Smart SIM, competitive pricing, and advanced SIM Management Portal, was a winning combination. GPS Global’s decision to select Telecom26 was not simply based on cost. GPS Global required an experienced, reliable, and flexible connectivity solutions provider that demonstrates the partnership approach.

About Telecom26

Telecom26 is headquartered in Zug, Switzerland, and is a cross border mobile network operator providing bespoke mobile solutions to global corporations and manufacturers worldwide. Telecom26 utilises a vast global network of over 900 roaming partners, the very latest in SIM technology, and regional roaming solutions. This capability, combined with the experience and best practice, has equipped Telecom26 with the building blocks to become an innovator of the Internet of Things and the preferred customers’ choice for Machine to Machine solutions via the T26 Next Generation Mobile Services Platform with integrated and easy to use web tools and APIs. Please visit

About GPS

Global GPS Global is headquartered in Santiago Chile, focused on the tracking of vehicles through the use of GPS technology across the South American continent. GPS Global was established in 2009 with an established customer base of 200+ customers that have trusted their business to GPS Global to monitor and track their vehicles. Please visit

Media contacts:

Tanja Butler, Head of Communications, Telecom26
T: +41 43 500 42 44
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