Offshore and onshore oil and gas rigs - connectivity everywhere
1 December 2020

Offshore and onshore oil and gas rigs - connectivity everywhere

1 December 2020

Telecom26’s global connectivity and maritime communications services include customers from vertical sectors including on and offshore oil and gas rigs.

So we were interested to read this recent report from McKinsey: “How tapping connectivity in oil and gas can fuel higher performance”.

The first paragraph sums the situation up perfectly:

“Despite having many of the technologies enabled by advanced connectivity already at its disposal, the oil and gas sector has yet to realize much of connectivity’s potential—and the potential is significant.

According to our estimates, making use of advanced connectivity to optimize drilling and production throughput and improve maintenance and field operations could add up to $250 billion of value to the industry’s upstream operations by 2030.

Of that, between $160- $180 billion could be realized with existing infrastructure, while an additional $70 billion could be unlocked with low-Earth orbit (LEO) satellites and next-generation 5G technologies”.

However, the report warns that industry needs to get smarter and more efficient in using connectivity to deploy digital tools and analytics to lessen the blows from the collapse in oil and gas prices, the need to reduce carbon emissions, the falling cost of renewable energies and the imposition of carbon taxes by many Governments.

“…the most resilient organizations will be those that boldly reposition their portfolios and overhaul their operating models, making the best use of emerging technologies”.

Technology in Oil and Gas sector - the need for martime connectivity

This article in Offshore Technology magazine titled Big Data In Oil and Gas Tech gives examples of how technology is improving operations including:  Speeding up data analysis offshore; Saving time with automation and AI; and Enhancing safety offshore through electronic monitoring.

All of which rely on fast and reliable broadband connectivity 24/7/365.

Telecom26 - over water, over air and over your way

At Telecom26, one of our specialties is IoT maritime connectivity and we’ve been busy investing in dedicated technology to enable maritime and smart port solutions as well as more recently to rigs out at sea.

We already offer a host of flexible global connectivity solutions for business critical and security critical applications, providing comprehensive, secure coverage, backed by a range of enhanced services that will help to drive the development of smart harbours.

In addition, we provide offshore and nearshore maritime cellular communications for ferries, cruise liners, fishing vessels and more. We also enable private networks, both onshore – for ports – and offshore, to provide capacity onboard.Private networks can be bridged with public networks, but with full control, enabling a cohesive but managed service to be delivered.

So, we’re right at the leading edge of designing and enabling such solutions and understand the challenges that IoT and 5G coverage will bring – as well as the opportunities. Amidst all the excitement generated by 5G, it’s important to note that we can already enable many of these services via LTE,which means you don’t need to wait to benefit from the latest innovations in maritime and smart port technology.

To learn more about Telecom26’s suite of global connectivity maritime communications and maritime cellular communications services please click here.

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