Come rain or shine, reliable and robust connectivity is essential for rail and bus operators to help maintain efficiency of service, as well as passenger and driver safety
7 April 2020

Come rain or shine, reliable and robust connectivity is essential for rail and bus operators to help maintain efficiency of service, as well as passenger and driver safety

7 April 2020

Optimising the safety and monitoring the condition of rail networks and smart transport routes with Telecom26’s new multi-IMSI SIM router, whatever the weather.

This Winter has seen some extreme weather throughout Europe. Floods, snow, ice, and strong winds – all of which can play havoc with a region’s transport infrastructure. Extreme temperatures can buckle rail lines and make some routes unusable, while wind can blow dangerous debris and trees on to the railway and roads.

The UK, in particular, has also seen widespread flooding making many routes and destinations – rail and road – treacherous or just plain impassable.

So, a connectivity solution that provides complete visibility into the entire railway or bus route network, while ensuring safety and condition monitoring, as well as route monitoring, really comes into its own in these circumstances. Of course, such a solution is essential at all times, but even more so when problems are exaggerated by bad weather or other unforeseen events.

One of the biggest challenges with standard mobile network service is that it can be dynamic in nature, with unpredictable coverage and QoS issues, making the monitoring of a train or bus along its entire journey, for example, subject to issues such as network drops, coverage gaps, roaming interconnection issues and data loss. Throw in the chaos of bad weather and it can be a challenge to keep the network or service running efficiently, if at all.

That’s where the Telecom26 Celerway multi-IMSI SIM router comes in. Routers connected to a single operator go in and out of coverage when moving between coverage areas, especially in remote or rural regions. The Telecom26 solution eliminates this problem as it provides the unique ability to enable constant mobile connectivity with the highest QoS available by automatically scanning and serving the best possible available network to every device.

It can also be configured to switch seamlessly to a private network, when a bus enters the terminus or a train stops at a station, for example.

For railway operators the router can robustly and securely connect wayside monitoring stations, and sensors and cameras to ensure that the track is in safe condition – essential during adverse weather conditions.

It’s also GSM-R and LTE-R compatible, and so enables the monitoring of all assets, such as engines and coaches, along their entire journey, even across borders. Telecom26 has a single billing relationship that supports multiple routes to each network provider in the region, including neighbouring country operators.

The router can also provide satellite connection for backhaul, as well as monitoring rail alarms and sending notifications and reports to any device connected to the network.

In smart transportation, it can enable sensor diagnostics of buses and other vehicles and help to optimise route management – during bad weather, for example, there may be a need for bus replacement services or safer alternative routes, or during unpredicted traffic events there might be a need to alter the route slightly to maintain as much of the service as possible.

At the terminal, the bus may then need to connect to a private network and download vehicle diagnostic data, for example. The Telecom 26 Celerway can do all of this, switching seamlessly between private and public networks, or even using both at the same time.

Of course, it can also enable device and asset tracking, fare payments, and can even provide WiFi services for passengers – and the marketing potential that also offers to operators and advertisers.

In remote regions, coverage and quality from a single operator can be patchy, with data connections or even entire networks often dropping out, leaving an area with no service. The T26 Celerway solution with multi-IMSI SIMs makes it easy for users to combine connectivity solutions through a single service provider using a variety of infrastructure options.

Regardless of the weather, it can help to keep traffic of all kinds moving efficiently and safely, while offering complete visibility into the entire network and asset estate. To find out more, contact Telecom26 today.

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