Tech Tips #8: 5 Key tips for enhancing your business communications infrastructure
15 August 2023

Tech Tips #8: 5 Key tips for enhancing your business communications infrastructure

15 August 2023

Among the many software tools, processes and systems used by business – which, of course, can vary between different kinds of organisation and for different sectors – one that is common to all is communications. Of course, there are lots of different ways of supporting communications, but the need to speak to others and to communicate with stakeholders remains fundamental.

To accomplish this, we use a combination of voice, messaging, and data communications – delivered over fixed and mobile networks. These are backed by addressing systems, so that any one individual or device can reach another, provided that the address the transaction requires is known. In the world of mobile, that’s the MSISDN, which is universally recognised, as well as the IP address of the remote service that may then process and forward data communication. In this tech tip, we’ll explore ways in which these basic – but fundamental processes – can be enhanced to meet the needs of modern organisations.

Embrace the cloud

Migrating your communications services to the cloud offers numerous benefits. Hosted solutions provide scalability, flexibility – and can reduce costs, through the elimination of on-premises hardware and infrastructure. Importantly, because the control and logic behind the system is centralised, updates and software enhancements are easier to implement – and easier to be rolled out to all the users of the platform, across different organisations.

That matters because companies can benefit from the roadmap and evolution investments of the provider. And, centralisation means that security can also be enhanced, minimising the threat surface. Telecom26 provides direct connectivity to these cloud infrastructure solutions, so that your SIMs / eSIMs can become extensions of your primary communications platforms – backed by enhanced security to protect your accounts and devices.

Enhance your network infrastructure

The network infrastructure – the routes and paths over which your communication travels – is crucial. It must be robust to support reliable, seamless communications. So, investing in high-speed data / internet connectivity pays off. As does implementing dedicated networks for voice and video communications.

Deploy quality routers, IP switches and firewalls to optimise performance and ensure reliable connectivity. Telecom26 has a complete toolkit to support your business with high-speed, secure and robust connectivity – for both internet and private network connections.

Prioritise security

With a growing number of threats emerging, vigilance is required. As a result, protecting your communications infrastructure from cyber-attacks is essential. Organisations must implement strong security measures – which include firewalls, intrusion detection systems and encryption protocols, all of which must be regularly updates with software and firmware patches to close known or emerging vulnerabilities.

Awareness is also part of the mix, so employees should be trained in cyber-security best practices. And, you need to know that your communications network providers are taking every step to safeguard your interests. Telecom26 has implemented market-leading security measures from the outset – it’s in our DNA – and our SIMs and the processes we provide will enhance your security infrastructure.

Optimise network bandwidth

Bandwidth is a critical factor for ensuring smooth communication and avoiding congestion. Take steps to analyse network traffic patterns and identify areas of high usage (and consumption), periods of increased activity, and potential bottlenecks.

Consider upgrading your network bandwidth to accommodate increasing demand for data-intensive applications, such as video conferencing, file sharing and remote backup. Telecom26 offers the tools that can enable you to manage network bandwidth and consumption from your users and devices – and to optimise resources to suit your current and evolving needs.

Embrace emerging technologies

Communications technology continues to evolve, providing new advances that can benefit your organisation. Among others, you should consider VoIP, shifting communications to data connectivity, as well as Software-Defined Networking (SDN), which separates the control and data planes, offering increased agility and flexibility – with simplified provisioning and management.

While IoT isn’t new for remote data connectivity, more and more organisations are exploring how new IoT services can improve operational efficiency through the integration of smart devices and the implementation of process automation. Telecom26 has built services and network connectivity optimised for IoT applications, so can meet any requirements. Finally, 5G brings new opportunities for unlocking high-speed, low-latency communications and Edge computing. Telecom26 can support your evolution to capitalise on the benefits these bring and the new services they can enable.

The Telecom26 network

As a worldwide provider of mobile connectivity, we offer a secure, globally distributed network, with our own core for processing control and data plane traffic, backed by a rich suite of integrated and optional security measures. Our SIMs and eSIMs are available through a range of packages and they can be used alongside your existing provider, give users wider choice when roaming – and avoiding unnecessarily expensive charges.

Our services can also be tailored to suit specific needs, with a range of enhanced security and routing options, allowing businesses to optimise connectivity for different applications and use cases. Talk to our team to find out how we are helping enterprises, NGOs and other organisations solve global connectivity challenges - securely.

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