Enterprise Data ExtraGlobal mobile data packages for frequent travellers

eSIM connectivity from just €2/GBKeep your contract, control your data costs

Telecom26 provides a flexible global roaming data solution that complements your existing contract, giving you outstanding rates when outside “Roam Like @ Home” zones.

Our solution is a second, data only subscription that provides flexibility and global coverage options alongside your primary subscription, while giving access to cost-effective data while abroad. By using our eSIM, all problems relating to logistics are eliminated – and you can keep your existing subscription and simply switch to Telecom26 when you need to.

Predictable data roaming

Enhanced global data access

Enterprise data extra includes different package options to ensure you get the right plan for your business. It provides a cost-effective, predictable approach to global roaming.

It extends your options and gives you global data access, at the best speeds available, giving you data for mobile or tethering in the field.

eSIM-based with data-pooling for the whole team, all you need is Telecom26.

  • eSIM based with data-pooling for the whole team
  • Simple activation
  • Keep your existing contract and add Telecom26
  • Change at any time
  • Use primary number
  • VPN and security on demand

Simple fleet management

You have full control over your plan, your users and devices, with a single invoice and near real-time usage monitoring.

Flexible contracts

Change contracts at any time, adjust your plan to suit the needs of your team and business – register for a no-obligation trial.

MiFi router and SIM options

Physical SIMs can be supported for legacy devices, while router options give your remote team members maximum flexibility.

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