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    Telecom26 has the most comprehensive global network of roaming partners. As a result, our products offer superior connectivity and stability for all our mobile services. Our products seamlessly bring together high levels of security, with truly bordless mobility. Our full mobile services are specifically tailored to our clients' needs, building the best possible solutions, powered by the most capable connectivity on offer.

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    Global IOT Connectivity

    The world is about to awake with a dawn of new age of information, called the internet of things. The superior connectivity and stability of Telecom26, provides the ideal platform for IOT connectivity across the globe. Generating bespoke solutions for our clients, we represent the ideal partner for many IOT products requiring borderless connectivity. Our business is rapidly growing within the innovative world of IOT, providing seamless connectivity and security.

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    Our Network

    As a GSMA member, our network combines Mobile, Satellite and IP Technologies into one secure network. With over 800 direct roaming relationships, our network is the most powerful global solutions on offer today. Our mission is to connect anywhwere, anything, anytime. Our authentication, authorization, and access control services, enable us to enforce security policies, while also offering flexibility and monitoring.


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